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Stylish on a Budget: 5 of my Fave Bloggers Spill Their Guts!

This summer has been one for the books as far as budgets go! LA's a beast y'all, and I've had to become pretty resourceful the past few months. Luckily I have a rag-tag team of bad ass blogger babes to turn to in times like this. 

I decided to ask some of my favorite lady-bloggers for some advice on how to satiate the sartorial need without breaking the bank. I will say... one thing we ALL agreed on: thrift shop till ya drop. Otherwise scroll down to feast your eyes on these pretty mama's a read some of their wallet-friendly advice. 

Thanks gals, for participating! xo!
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Brittany from Pardon My Fashion:
On punching up a wardrobe on a budget:
Jewelry and lipstick! Head into Forever 21, spend $20 on new earrings, bracelets, and statement necklaces and all your clothes will feel new again. Add a swipe of a crazy $5 lipstick from Target and voila!
On budget shopping tips:
Thrift it up! Look for pieces that you can mix and match with existing items in your wardrobe. Also, get creative. Throw on a sweater or tee over a dress to turn it into a skirt. Or hem those old pants you never wear anymore to turn them into shorts. Chop off the bottom of that maxi and turn it into a mini. You don't have to spend a dime to get some new 'ish! 
Gabby from Look Sharp, Sconnie:
On workin' with whatcha got:
Tie it. Tie weird stuff around new body parts. Belts around your head, head scarfs around your waist, bracelets around your ankles, bandanas around your neck, blazers around your hips, etc, etc. Cutting stuff's cool too.
Where she shops on a budget:
I'm probably going to get lambasted for saying this, but sometimes (slash always) I can't resist a lil' Forever 21. The urge usually strikes when I've seen something undeniably weird, but oddly photogenic, and want to try it out for myself without, you know, simultaneously becoming homeless. And thrift stores are always a no-brainer. Over the top vintage dresses (wedding gowns are ideal) and grandfather-esque attire are my go-tos.
On items worth splurging on: 
Winter coats.  A quality winter coat is something that will last many years, if it's made well.  Plus winter coats usually are pretty classic, not trendy items, so they tend to last many years, style-wise as well.  Plus, it just makes sense to spend more on something made to keep me warm.  A cheap coat will not only fall apart before the end of the season, but it probably won't keep me as warm as a coat that is made well. 

Another situation in which I'm willing to spend more is if I can envision myself wearing the item in multiple ways.  If something is trendy or I can't imagine remixing it a ton of different ways, I probably won't be willing to pay my hard earned money for it.  Think cost-per-wear.  If you wear that top only two times and it was $50.00, each wear was $25.  But if you wear it ten times, the cost per wear is only $5!  The more you wear something, the more bang you get for your buck.  Don't spend your money on something you can't imagine yourself wearing multiple times.
On shopping smart:
For me, the best way to save $$ is to hit sales. I style stalk pieces I love & am coveting, then follow the items until they go on sale. As a personal rule, I won't purchase the item if I'm on a strict budget & if the sale is less than 30% off.
On working with whatcha' got:
Try old things in different ways. Punch up a look with a favorite scarf worn as a head scarf or tie it on a bag to add some color. Another favorite is using your summer wardrobe during cooler months by layering, adding tights, etc. 
Marlen from Messages on a Napkin:
On shopping smart:

I have two really good ones on this! My first one is the question, "What can this go with?" If I can't think of at least three outfits I can make with that piece  I'm tempted to sprint to the cash register with, I don't let myself buy it.  It saves you so much heartache when you're purging your closet eight months later! And it also gets you into the habit of only buying necessary pieces. Sure a statement top is fun now and again, but not if your whole closet is made of them and nothing else! 

My second golden rule is "Can I find a version of this any where else?" And by "anywhere else" I mean "anywhere cheaper". One specific moment I remember is me buying a $60 grey and white striped sweater at J Crew because I just needed something nautical in my closet and right at that moment.....and then finding a near twin of that sweater at Forever 21 for $15. The tears that I've wept. 


  1. What a great post! I absolutely agree with Brittany. Lipstick and jewelry just take your look to a whole new level! And both can be found quite cheap so you can stock up :)

  2. Courtney is one of my favorites and she always leaves the best comments. Thanks for introducing me to these other gorgeous gals!

  3. And by "anywhere else" I mean "anywhere cheaper" . bahaha.

    I love how Britt & I both like to cut stuff.

    Thanks girl. This is insightful. Love seeing admirable people talking about down to earth stuff.

    I knew about Brittany, but the rest of these girls are supa fly too.

    Including you, boo.


  4. You put up one of my other favorite bloggers-- Marlen! =] Loved this post.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  5. You've featured some of my favorite bloggers here, but this is a great article. I like the tip about investing in statement jewellery pieces, because I really believe that the way you accessorize yourself, really elevates a look (or makes it look tacky). And yes, you can find some real gems through thrifting. Thanks for sharing :)


  6. Love this post! I find that I'm always shopping on a budget now and thrifting (like most of the girls say) is always my go to as well as forever 21 (hells yea Gabby) and I've become a huge fan of Old Navy and Uniqlo too!

  7. This post had sooo much amazing, helpful advice from such fashionable ladies! Personally, I try to resist buying ANYTHING unless it's on sale, and I've saved a lot of money investing in great-quality pieces for super cheap, because of the sales! I recently bought a $275 chambray blazer from J Crew for only $75 on super sale!!

    Xo, Hannah

  8. Such a great feature! I love that you introduced some awesome bloggers I didn't know yet :) I so agree with the accessorizing tip, I always go to H&M (Europe's Forever 21 ;)) for that. You can refresh your wardrobe without spending a lot.

    I usually buy a lot online, so I just wait for a coupon code to show up or for clearance to start :)

    xoxo Iris


  9. I just LOVED being a part of this post! I love your style and am so honored to be included with these other incredible bloggers! Thanks for some new introductions and some old "new" loves all over again! HUGS Ashley! XOXO!


  10. Some really amazing girls here!

    Maria xxx

  11. you make me glad that im back :)))
    brooke @ what2wear

  12. Great post ! Thank you for sharing it!!!

  13. best. post. everrrr. i loved meeting all these new bloggers- i was in the company of some SUPER stylish ladies! i feel very honored, and they all gave such great tips to not drain your wallet :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  14. Some great tips here. I always consider the 'price per wear' rule when I'm buying something.

  15. much needed advice considering i've become so tired of everything in my closet. sounds like a need to find a really good thrift store and an even better pair of scissors! love the input from this beyond fabulous bunch!



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