Thursday, January 14, 2010

I realize I have not posted in months, but I am going to start more now. Here are a few things from the end of last year. Jonathan's art at FuNcTioN, Port Twilight at the Undermain Theatre, and there are more to come. The first photo is by a man named Sinosa, he set up "the smallest studio in the world at this art show, and he was so kind to share his photos with everyone who had their portrait made. 

These are images of Port Twilight by Len Jenkins, showing at the Undermain Theatre in Deep Elum for the next two weeks. Whether you're a theatre fan, poet, or just love amazing aesthetics (who doesn't) you should see this show. The cast is incredible and not to mention good looking :) Set design, cast, direction, music and script A++++!!!
Kent Williams as Mr. Argento

Shannon Kearns-Simmons as Donna

More Later

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