Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This time of year...you can see Spring's head crowning and it gives you an insatiable itch to sit on a patio and drink Margaritas. Girls reaching for tank tops and dresses, damning the weather for not being just 5 degrees warmer... You see humans from all cracks and crevasses beginning to emerge, basking in the sunshine as if it were brand new. I LOVE SPRING.

Here's Jonathan, looking sick as ever. If you look closely that is an Indian Chief Belt Buckle found at Lula B's for his birthday. (Lula B's is moving from Greenville to Main St. in Deep Elum, which makes it a walkable distance from our place. Good-Bye savings).

I've taken a serious liking to wearing multiple watches at one time (none of which work...like it matters). You can find lots of them at any thrift store for super cheap. 

Here's some lovely, strappy, chunky, grade-A Pelle Moda shoes I found at Nordstrom Rack Marked down from $200.oo to $49. aaaaahh snap!

Wearing vintage dress from Doc's Records ($7) thrifted braided belt and a Forever 21 giraffe necklace. 

Happy Porching everyone!

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