Saturday, January 22, 2011

Man, Oh Man.

Here are some men in my life I believe every lady wishes they could make a meal for. (Did I just set us back 40 years? Oh's true). These guys have mad style and inspire me fully, even though they are of the opposite sex and have no idea I exist. Big ups to these fellas for being totally beautiful humans/robots?

 Andrew Bird. Your music makes me want to cry tears made of puppies. I'll be damned if the swell of your violin doesn't pluck my heart strings.
 Daft Punk: Although I've never seen your faces (and you appeared in a GAP ad) no one can make my bones move like you. Also, you wear metallic pants. Plus, I always know exactly how you're feeling because you literally spell it out across your cute robot forehead "DIGITAL LOVE"
Somebody slap me if I don't wanna cry every time I remember Jim Henson is no longer with us. I mean, who else had the balls to reinvent puppetry? Really??? Puppetry???? I love you. 
I mean look at this! Kermit is giving him a Hi-Five....and you can tell Kermit is kinda reminiscing about the good ol' days...awww maaaaaaan.
 Somebody else slap me if Marvin Gaye ain't got the sickest soul of them all. I bought a red hat at an estate sale inspired by this photograph. Jonathan stole it from me, and smokes cigarettes next to the window in it. I'll steal it back soon and do a post dedicated to Marvin and his hat...and his glory. 
 If I tried to explain why Paul Newman is on this list, I'd just turn into a bumbling fool. Some people's fervor and vibe just can't be nailed down. That's what made him so fabulous. He was actually a nice guy that every woman wanted...and every woman still swoons over. 
 Many don't know exactly how much of a photographer Norman Rockwell was. Heart.
TRUE STORY: I peed in Paul Simon's toilet. 

Dream come true. 

Love you. 


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