Friday, July 1, 2011


I really didn't even mean for this post to be red, white and blue on the 
4th of July Holiday....Funny how things work out.
I've had this gold lame (pronounced LA-MAY) handbag and these red zipper shoes for
at least 4 years....I have worn them both maybe once or twice.
They are fantastic, right? We all have pieces like that
in our closet. Great things we never wear.....

This is why I'm a strong believer of having frineds come over to restyle your closet. 

"Why the F*$# don't you ever wear this?!?"

Navy and Gold are so good together, they should walk hand-in-hand
into a glistening sunset. 

Incase you were wondering, yes. That IS Biggie around my neck. 
This is one of my most precious things. I call it "Big PaPa" and I wouldn't trade it for
 any other material object. I found it at a flea market in NY. 

 Shirt and Shoes:F21, Jeans:DKNY, Nails: UO Orange #5, 
All accessories: Thrifted, Flead or Gifted.
Photos: Miss Haley Espizito

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