Monday, August 1, 2011


This is the result of having limited options...lemme explain.
Jonathan and I had a garage sale at my parents house last weekend. 
We sold sooo much sh*# I cannot even begin to explain, but I'll attempt by saying
we profited 1,200 dollars. 
I know. 
Obviously, I had no clothes to go out in cause I only packed clothes for sweating in.....
But we decided to go to Ezparza's (famous mexican food in Grapevine, incase you are
 ever there and need some..also EZPARZARITAS make you feel 
reeeaaaal good) to celebrate our earnings, and I had nothing to wear. 
Somehow, I whipped this out by adding things we were gonna sell, 
things we found in the attic and were too cool to sell
and things that were my mothers. 

The whole experience of the garage sale was therapeutic. Unpacking old 
things and being sentimental, finding items I thought I lost, reading old journals and 
laughing my ass off, reading old journals and burning them. Notes from friends
and exes, thrown away....watching little kids go over the moon about toys that 
sat in your attic for 20 years. It just felt good to purge it all...
and of course there's the money. 

You should try it sometime.  

The vintage turq ring was my Nana's. The license plate clutch I bought 
when I was about ten....then I decided everyone else would think it was dorky, 
so I packed it away (cause I still thought it was too cool to toss). 
Now I am 27 and I uncovered it, and it was a joyous reunion. The necklace
is also vintage, found at an estate sale in Dallas. Hilariously enough, the linen shirt
is from Talbots. THANKS MOM!

Jeans: DKNY, Shoes: Seychelles, Belt: Vintage Coach, 
Everything else Thrifted and Gifted. 

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