Saturday, August 20, 2011

ROLL that Beautiful Bolo Footage.

I gaze at my bolo tie amidst my necklaces nearly every morning.
Trying to come up with a way to wear it is more difficult than it should be.
I am of the opinion everyone in Texas needs one, even if you wear it with nothing else.
(What am I talking about "even if" wearing a bolo tie naked, is no doubt the best way to do it).
Here, let me show you....
NO, not the naked way....perv!

Shirt: Old Navy, Belt, Bolo and Accessories: Thrifted, Ring: H&M, Jeans: Thrifted.

My little brother made me a friendship bracelet. (You can barely see it in the 
arm candy shot)..... Yeah, he's 25. It tickles my 
heart we're grown-ass adults and we still do arts and crafts for each other. 
There's really not much better than incorporating sentimental pieces into a look. 

This weekend will be full of thrifting (I've got a shopping bug, but I am poor).
Photos of my finds to come!

Also board games with friends. 

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