Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The A Train

Fabulous weekend spent with some old friends. Events included margaritas, grilled cheeses, 
standup basses, and crosswords. In no particular order. 

For a brief moment there we had some temps in the 80's. We took advantage and lounged
at White Rock Lake on Saturday. Crosswords, plums, goat cheese and crackers (we've been eating goat cheese like maniacs lately) and the Edith Piaf station on Pandora via iphone. 
It was lovely. Sometimes I can trick my nose into thinking the smell of a lake is reminiscent 
of the ocean. This only lasts for seconds though. 

I had mentioned going to the lake earlier in the day, but I'm glad we actually followed through. 
Sometimes you say you're going to do things...take pictures, go on picnics, read or write,
whatever it is you do, and you don't. I'm urging myself and you to actually do it. 
Go ride your bike, dammit. You'll be thankful you did. 

 Dress: Willow&Clay Bracelets/Hat: F21, Gold Cross: I borrowed from my mother who got it in Scottland
Crossword Book: Simon and Schuster :)

Can I just say this dress is magical? It has a train! A sundress...with a train! 
Why the mf don't more casual dresses feature trains?! They make girls (and boys) feel like 
I've only had the opportunity to wear it twice this summer, but I think it'll 
work into Fall with layers and lace-up boots. Yippee!

This post was written to the musical accompaniments of Bon Iver.
(Cause I missed his show last night)
Also please ignore the claw foot action in the last photograph.

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  1. Good call on the Edith Piaf station. Perfect morning tunes.


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