Friday, September 2, 2011

Western Ware (and the unveiling of horseface)

I know. Corduroys and a long sleeve denim shirt....We're still experiencing very hight temps, 
but this is what I wear to work. You see, I work in subzero temperatures at JCP HQ. 
Working in the styling room from 9-5 often actually gives me a runny nose. So...that explains it. 

I don't wear much make-up. Every now and then I'll bust out with some eyeshadow
for special ocasions. Thankfully I found a red lipstick that works with my 
fair skin tone and very neutral makeup stylings. I also found that during the day just piling 
on red lipstick requires a lot of upkeep, so I figured out a way to make it look more like a stain.
It's less of a hassle. I just dab it on and blend it with my finger then apply clear gloss and blot. 
Easy as pie.

(Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Royal Red...discontinued whhaaa whaaa)

My new thing=doubling up rings. The tri-stud ring on the left is from F21, and on the right
are my Nana's diamonds. The turquoise necklace is hers too. After she passed I had lots of bags of 
her jewelry to look through. A lot of Rhinestones, (She was a diamonds and champagne type of lady)
so imagine my surprise when I found a whole set of sterling and turquoise Southwestern craftings. 

I like to imagine her taking a road trip with my Poppy from Tampa to New Mexico in the 60's 
and purchasing this from some old Navajo. She would've thought it was so novelty. 
She probably wore it while it was in fashion, and tucked it away for me to find
whilst sitting on my parents driveway at a garage sale 3 weeks after she passed.  

Hey look !!! I made the DIY bracelets I said I was going to! It was very easy and I've already 
made 3 for me, 2 for my husband and a couple for my friends! Go here for the full how-to!

And just to prove that I'm really a huge dork, I will now reveal to you my ultimate huge horse smile
never seen before on this blog. This is actually a before and after sequence. Before is me pretending
to look at my Man Ray portrait book (ahem....first edition, not that you needed proof I'm cool)..
and the second is my reaction when Jonathan said, "loose the book, you look contrived"

Cords: H&M, Shirt: F21, Belt: Thrifted, Bralette: UO, Sandals: JCP

The Clark Gable framed drawing behind me is by an artist...Jonathan Brooks....
maybe you've heard of him.

Have a Happy Holiday 

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