Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Calendar Year

It's been far too long since I've posted. So here's a doozy. (And by doozy, I don't mean long and boring, I mean scandalous)! My holiday season was pretty swell. Tons of lounging and eating just like most of you. I watched The Help and cried about 9 times, made Shepard's Pie for the first time, shot a few Christmas Photos for a few families, and totally scored sweet presents on Christmas. 
The most hilarious task I took on this season, however, was my Christmas gift to Jonathan. 
A vintage inspired pinup calendar.....of me. It was pretty hard to take myself seriously when shooting these, but hopefully it added to the playfulness of it. Really, you should shouldn't see the out takes. 

It was a lot of work putting it all together, but the calendar ended up pretty damn cute for a first try. Very special thanks to Brenna, and Kandi for their surprisingly lofty collections of hats, hot pants and heels.  And also to Haley and Liz for shooting. So, here are a few of the edited shots...of course these are not the most revealing, ya know...cause that's none of your damn business!!!
but you get the idea. 

 I did the calendar for Jonathan, but it was a bit for me too. Turns out walking around with victory rolls and red lips with M.I.A. blaring in sequin hot pants or dressed like a cowgirl kiiiiiiiinda makes you feel like a badass. There was lots of winking and "oh! you surprised me" faces...and there was even a sailor girl with a salute for July. 

I did my own hair and makeup which was time consuming, but easy with the help of some very adorable Rockabilly/Psychobilly girls on youtube. Those chicks are pros at looking perfect all the time. 
If any of you ladies are considering a boudoir or a pinup shoot for yourself or your significant other,  I highly recommend it.

 I am simultaneously bashful and proud of these...because I'm not wearing enough clothes to be posting this shit, but I worked so hard in post on these. Seeing as I usually just stick to your basic color adjusting, zit removing and a little clone stamping trash out of lovely landscapes....this was quite a task for me. I mainly used the magnetic lasso and the shadows and highlights setting to give them have a little bit of an aged look. Plus a yellowish color layer with a low opacity.  

In short, he loved all twelve months. 
Hope you're sticking to your resolutions!

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