Monday, November 5, 2012

Thinkin' Thangz Thru

I've been thinking a lot about my expression of creativity since I've moved to California. It isn't what I imagined it would be before I moved. I have copious amounts of free time, and the ratio of keeping myself busy with bullshit to art/creation/writing is shameful. I'm one of those people who beats myself
up for lounging around, and my guilt has reached maximum capacity.
I will say most of my creative energy is going into bloggish things, and yes putting clothes together is a form of artistic expression....but blogging is weird, and things get muddled. When it comes to posting pictures of yourself over and over again there is a fine line between practicing it to an end of inspiring others and trying to make yourself look a certain way in other peoples' eyes. (i.e. stylish, pretty, busy, important and all the rest of the total bullshit). I guess the line isn't that fine actually, but it can get blurry. I've come to the realization that only writing posts on outfits and shopping is completely dishonest, because it is unfulfilling to me. It supplements my creative fulfillment, sure, but it does not complete it.
(I'm not saying other bloggers who only post outfits are dishonest, just saying when I do it it feels untrue.)
I suppose in a nutshell, since this page on the internet it one of my main creative outlets (wait, what?), it should probably be more well-rounded. Expect a few more posts on photography and other happenings. 
Before I forget I should qualify that I've been in a bit of a funk lately and this post was written to the musical stylings of Monica.

Don't judge me. 
I looked through a photography processing book today and got inspired to go out of my comfort zone as far as post goes. This is what came out when I started messing around with photos at my computer. (Not the Monica video, but the first image in this post, duuuuuuuuh!) 
I had the opportunity to shoot some behind the scenes photos and stills for my friend Emma's short film. I will do an entire post and show the pics in a few days, but that is where these 2 sandwiched images are from.

I can dig it. 


  1. I've always admired the creativity of your outfits...but this post, I truly love.

    1. Thanks a lot Emily. I thought twice about posting it. Really glad you liked it, sis.

  2. I just watched that entire Monica video. Oh, turtle necks... Hope you're coming home for the upcoming seasonal festivities!

  3. I knew someone would, I'm glad it was you:) we'll be home for Christmas. Miss you toot toot!


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