Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thrift Store Haul

1. Floral Tapestry Weekender- Everyone is pinning the shite out of those tribal weekenders (including myself). When I saw this Tapestry Weekender at Goodwill I thought it was a lovely alternative. It's well-made and was totally worth 14 bucks. I have a sneaking suspition Tapestry is about to get reeeal trendy. I bet we'll see some form of it in Urban Outfitters soon.

2. Blue Felt Hat with Strange Fluff- Jonathan eyed this one. $3. Honestly I haven't figured what to wear this with yet. That "gym sweatshirt" light blue heather is a toughie. Any suggestions?

3. Vintage Velvet/Ribbon Pillow- This matches the quilt on my bed perfectly, and even if it didn't vintage-y pillows you can pretty much toss anywhere to spruce up an otherwise boring nook and/or cranny. It was so sweet, I had to get it. I'm pretty picky about housewares in thrift stores, but this one spoke to me. $3.

4. Floral Thangs- The brighter pink dress is your stereotypical 90's dress...with a super rad cut out in the back. I'm gonna Drew Barrymore this mofo and rock it with some Docs. The cream skirt with the bigger floral pattern is a very special find. It's a super high waisted skirt that is the perfect floor length. If it was wintery enough I'd wear it with a bright turtleneck. I think I'll keep it forever. :)
Dress: $7 Skirt: $8

5. Macrame-ish Handbag- I just haven't bought a good little bag in a while and this one will do all spring and summer long. Does macrame ever go out of style? What? It did in the 80's. Well, let's give it another chance. $4

6. Vintage Sheet Music- I love finding old books and paper in thrift stores. We use this for collages. Jonathan uses it more than I do for his art in general. I really can't get enough of this stuff though. The old paper and fonts are so romantic. The dusty, muted colors of old sheet music is the stuff of my dreams.

You have any thrift store scores of late? I've been on a rampage!


  1. OOh I think I need to road trip it to SoCal just for the thrift stores!

    1. I'm SURE you could find a few good ones around you. A lot of the ones in LA are picked over...

  2. So many goodies, very bohemian style, love the floral thangs :)

  3. I wish I could be thrifting more, but I'm in between jobs and I gotta exercise my discipline. I love these finds, though. Thrift stores are seriously so good in February and March. You get a lot of good stuff for Summer.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  4. I need to go thrifting, jealous of these florals you picked up!


  5. I love thrifting! But I think you look better than me hehe <3

    crunchy cheese me

  6. I love this pic! So pretty with all the elements ;)


  7. Your pictures are always so nice. Loving the floral things! :)

  8. Love this post! I'm obsessed with thrift store shopping, so I love seeing other people doing thrift store hauls. You have some beautiful finds here! :)

  9. LOVING this post....FAB finds! It looks like we'd have fun thrift or vintage shopping together! :) Loving that! And for the price? PRICELESS! Loving the hat too- excited to see how you'll style it! :) Looking forward to seeing these pieces on your blog! XOXO!


  10. That hat is amazing! I actually think it would look really cute with that floral dress. Maybe with a chunky cardigan on top?

  11. Great Blog!

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC?

  12. I am loving absolutely everything in this collection! Wow! It looks straight out of a magazine. I am particularly into that weekender bag though, what a find. You've motivated me to hit up some thrift stores this weekend!

    On another note, I mentioned you and your blog today in my post about the Liebster Award. Participation is totally optional, but I thought I'd let ya know! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Hi! I nomitated you to a Liebster award, come and see if you want! :)

  14. That floral tapestry weekender is perfect! Amazing finds!


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