Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vinyl Veekend: Phosphorescent- To Willie

To Willie is the first Vinyl Veekend recommendation that has been released more recently. To Willie is an album comprised of 11 Willie Nelson songs handpicked by Matt Houck (the singer-songwriter behind Phosphorescent).  These aren't just any Willie songs, but hidden gems you probably haven't heard before (This excludes Texans. I know we've heard every Willie song under the sun :)).

In the 70's Willie recorded an album called "From Lefty to Willie". It was 10 Lefty Frizell songs Willie loved sung and recorded Willie style. (Willie Willie Willie is the word of the day). So here is Phosphorescent's To Willie album.

The idea is just so sweet. The music so good, DUH. Yes, you could just buy this on itunes, but in my snobby fucking opinion if you're listening to Willie Nelson in any capacity it should be on vinyl. All the little cracks and scratches that come with listening to a record really add to the ambiance of this album in particular.

Man. It makes my heart ache for Texas. I love you Willie.

(Our friendbro Zach showed me and Jonathan this album. So...thanks Z).


  1. What incredible music, it makes me all sentimental. As a Texan, I should know more Willie than I do (I'm a total hit or miss with music I SHOULD know and there's no excuse) but at least now I'll be listening to his music all day at work tomorrow. Thanks for this!

  2. Dude- you got it right. Willie is the BEST. Enough said :)

    XOXO! Courtney


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