Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Closet Envy: The Sisters from Pardon My Fashion

My first thought after finding Pardon My Fashion (the style journal of 2 thrift store savvy sisters) was, "Who are these batches and why aren't we frands?" For real. The fun photos and "real talk" writing on their blog kiiinda makes you drink beers and have a dance party with them. My second thought was, "Damn...these lucky ladies have the double closet capacity I only dream of." The sartorial sense of these swag swapping sisters (alliteration for the WIN!) seemed to match mine and I was hooked. Been blog stalking them ever since. 

I visit Pardon My Fashion because Brittany and Chelsea's style choices inspire me. I mean, I dress like a weirdo 60% of the time all the time, so when I find ladies who can rock ensembles that even I would have to find bravery to sport (and look like a million bucks doing so) I have to give them the preverbal hat tip. 

There is a genuine edginess to their style that is to be admired. Brittany's punk rock femininity and Chelsea's bold color and texture mixing both scream IDGAF. And I can appreciate that.  And both of them can write, to boot! Check out this little Q&A, and visit their page HERE if you haven't already!
Who are your style icons? Miroslava Duma, Alexander McQueen, Anna Della Russo, Miuccia Prada…they know how to have some fun with fashion!

What is your favorite piece of clothing you've ever found thrifting, why? This is like choosing my favorite child! Although there was this one time I found an old Cheerleaders sweater embroidered with my name and the year I was born. It was a cosmic/spiritual thrifting event ;)

What's inspiring you right now? I am very into the 60’s right now…and the 20’s. And also experimenting with juxtaposition, like, putting things together that don’t seem quite right and finding a way to make it work. I like a good challenge.

Any style tips/advice you live by? Have fun, take risks and don’t try so hard…just go with your gut. That’s when the magic happens!

What is your earliest fashion memoryValentine’s day, 1992. (I was four.) My Mom used to take me shopping at this used clothing store called, “Children’s Orchard” and let me go wild. Day before Valentine’s Day I found this KILLER white denim mini with matching denim jacket printed with red hearts…my favorite outfit for YEARS!
Who are your style icons? Lately I’m into Brigitte Bardot. Chic lil sex kitten...I'm all about it!

What's your favorite piece of clothing you've ever found thrifting, why? Hardest. Question. Ever. My first thought was my furs…my precious furs. But I'm gonna have to go with the practical answer: my destroyed Levi's boyfriend jeans. They're so perfect I wear them with everythiiiiiiiiiing. 

What's inspiring you right now? Right now...70's beach babes. Ask me next week and it'll be like 18th century men or something totally outta left field. It changes constantly!

Any style advice/tips you live by? Wear whatever you want. You don't have to follow trends to be fashionable. In fact you might just set the trends if you stop paying attention to them at all ;)

What is your earliest fashion memory? So Britt used to dress me up in crazy ass ensembles made from sheets, or scraps of fabric, maybe some skirts on our head…it was no holds barred. We would film soap operas and fashion shows on Dad’s video camera. CLASSIC. From that, I learned that experimentation is key!


  1. I am totally in love with Brittany and Chelsea and now I have found your blog too, yay! :D

    Maria xxx

  2. this blonde girl is so stylish <3

  3. Love this!So fun! I dying a little bit for that red fur stole... and booties!

  4. this is amazing!!! i love your blog so much!
    I'm a new follower! Keep it up!
    -Bobby Raffin

  5. This is awesome, I love their blog, too! Great interview and as always such a fantastic write up.


  6. Amazing looks!

    xx MJ

  7. They're 2 seriously stylish sisters! I love that it's so obvious they really just love to have fun with fashion - and I see that in your looks as well!

  8. Oh my god!!

    this is one of my favorite blogs ever! I totally get why you love it - I always laugh out loud (literally not just fawning here) at nearly every one of thei rposts. it's so fun to get to see what they say about the outfits, and I , like you, wish I was their best friend.

    I can't believe Brittany remembers back to when she was four and fashionable -That is so insane.
    Thank you thank you thank you for doing this.
    I want to hang out with all of you guys at once


  9. Fabulous

    kiss kiss

  10. Loving their bold fun style! Fantastic interviews too!


  11. That red scarf is so awesome~! ^-^ Following now, hope you can follow back soon <3

  12. Super cool interviews and outfits!!
    Thanks for sharing it!

  13. These sistas have serious style! Love it!

    XOXO! Courtney

  14. I just discovered their blog, because they came and left an awesome comment on my blog, and I'm so glad I did! The writing is so fun and they both have fab style.

  15. Love these ladies! I just discovered them recently, I don't remember how. They have such great, original style and their writing is so fun to read (like yours). It was a great interview with you on their blog as well!


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