Monday, March 11, 2013

In Betweenie Weenie: What to wear to a Willie Nelson Show

One does not simply attend a Willie Nelson concert. One experiences it. And in my world, when I experience anything, I prefer to be dressed appropriately. With a Willie Nelson show comes a certain responsibility. For me particularly, because I am a Texan...representin' in Cali.

So here was the conundrum: It's Willie which ignites thoughts of...Budweiser, dirt roads, dungarees and obviously...reefer. BUT the show was at a fancy schmancy venue which insights thoughts of: No outside booze (we left the flask in the car) balcony seating, beautiful architecture, women in "wraps" and ushers. So what's a girl to wear?? HOW do I keep my southern, slightly white trash roots while filling that fancy cushioned seat with a garment it could get along with?

For me the answer revealed itself with a sun dress featuring a train. A leather jacket with a tailored cut. A statement neck mimicking that of Native American jewelry but with pearls. And finally my cowboy boots.
All the familiarity of down home Texas with some added "laaa-deeee-daaa look at that city girl" detail.

And just so you know, Willie's still got it. I wept like a weepy wiener baby when he sang always on my mind. He signed autographs at the edge of the stage at the end of the show, and I'm quite sure he grew wings and ascended into the sky when he walked off stage.
I also wanted to say that the reactions and comments from my last post made me do fist pumps of joy in my soul. I wish I could give every commenter a big ole hug and an encouraging "get it guuuuuurl" smack on the ass! Love you dudes.


  1. killer... love it... to death...
    and I wish I was several inches taller to pull off that dress... ;)

  2. Stunning look! Necklace looks so perfect :)

  3. willie at a nice venue....that is a closet predicament but i think you NAILED it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    brooke @ what2wear

  4. Love the dress with the necklace, very bohemian :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  5. Bahaha, not sure about the growing wings :D But sure about that dress being perfect! It's sexy and modest at the same time, love it!

  6. Really love the dress!! Amazing look!

    - Laura

  7. Ah, that dress is so special! And that necklace! GAWD you are amazing, this is PERFECT!


  8. This is spot-on! Love all the details, the train on the dress, the necklace, amazing jacket, boots & stacked bracelets and watches. CHIC! I am super happy you had such a wonderful time @ the concert! You look amazing chica!

    XOXO! Courtney

  9. A very befitting outfit for a Willie Nelson concert, I'm from England so I know very little about the southern way of life in U.S, it is fascinating to soak up. :)

    Glad you had A FUN night!

    ▲_▲ HYENA


  10. SUCH a great mix of classy and country. It's almost like the country elements are hidden, because they're not blatant at first (the boots, the necklace).

    You look absolutely positively STUNNING, especially with the fit of that dress. I am so. So. So. obsessed.

    The 2 pleats that make the dress flare at the bottom totally seal the deal. They really add this elegant silhouette, and then the length is ideally long - such a hard quality to find in a sundress. Perfect combo of form-fitting and flowy. Where is that from? I scrolled through the post a few times but couldn't find the name anywhere..

    Anyhow. Hope the concert was bangin (smokin, reefin', whatevaa) and that you knocked 'em dead. Cause you're killin' it.


    1. Ahhh! I totally forgot to say where I got my thangs! The dress is from the Rack...and in Nordstrom. I am seriously addicted to that place.
      And thank you, pretty mama!!! You are too sweet!

  11. Love Love Love it! Willie Nelson! Of course, I think your ensemble is spot on, and my favorite part? Your Texas necklace. Represent!

    I'm SO following you on bloglovin'


  12. love this! I love your necklaces, rings and bracelets too!

    xx Francesca blogs at

  13. LOVE this outfit, that train is to die for!

    Maria xxx

  14. Love the way you translate your southern roots in to this look making it bohemian yet smart for the ocasion :)

  15. This outfit is so beautiful, I really love your long dress :)
    By the way, I'm hosting a giveaway where you can win a unique piece which will be created just for the winner, do you want to take part of it? :)
    Trendy Bow

  16. What a great necklace! great blog and pictures:)

  17. I think you nailed it. This was the perfect outfit for the occasion!

  18. Such an elegant dress! Love the way you accessorized it as well, seems like a good match for that concert :)

  19. The first thing I thaught when I saw the first picture was she looks like blake lively :) it´s a compliment... for sure...
    I love the dress and I also remember the post you bought the bag in..

    xoxo, Daniela


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