Monday, March 4, 2013

Playing Pretend

As a kid I wanted braces when I didn't have them, I wanted to walk with crutches when I didn't need them and I wanted glasses even though I could see just fine. I think this stemmed from a yearning to be different. Different from the every day me. I used to take the waxy sticks from Blow Pops bend them and pretend they were retainers. When I sat down to eat dinner I'd be all, "Ummm I have to take my retainer out" (Being a kid is so effing weird). There was also a good few months in which I wore glasses with no lenses. What a fashion statement I was making!! (Okay I'll admit that I was not a kid, but a teenager when I rocked that look).

And although my peepers do not require them, as an adult I still wear glasses to change it up from time to time. (And play make-believe. Stop judging me!) They dress up jeans and a t-shirt, and/or act as a distractor when I have zero time to put on a stitch of makeup. That's why I was so pumped when Firmoo Glasses contacted me to do a product review. I was actually in the market for some glasses when I got the email. COSMOS ALIGNING!

When I got them my first thought was they are much nicer than your typical "nerd glasses" you can get at F21 or the like. They're a bit heavier than those flimsy plastic ones. They came with a hard aaaaand soft case. Now I truly get to feel like I'm a genuine glasses wearer (enthusiastic winky face). These were a safe choice for me because I wanted some glasses with a more classic style. And you can "try the glasses on" by uploading a pic of yourself. I was so tempted to upload a pic of my dog. She never wears glasses long enough in real life for me to get a good photo. Even though I tell her she looks super sophisticated. Rude.

Now for the perks for YOU! If you go here your first pair is freeeeee as a barn swallow! (You have to choose from a certain "free" group. Honestly the selection isn't that great right now, but they change it up, so check back if you don't see anything fabulous). When you do find ones you like, you only have to pay shipping. Also, they are returnable if they make you want to puke. Which they WON'T! They'll make you want to do the opposite of that...which!
{Glasses c/o Firmoo} {Shirt: Husband's (similar)}{Belt, Purse and Necklace: Thrifted}
{Yellow Trench: Target (similar)}{Shoes: Violet & Red


  1. This outfit is slammin! I love it! PS. I totally did the same thing of wanting braces, crutches...

  2. love this outfit! The detail on the shoes is perfect and I always love gingham!

    ~ Caroline

  3. Hi Ashley! I'm Gemma from the Cinnamon Girl blog. Thanks again for the comment you left on my choco cookies recipe! ^_^
    Your blog is so awesome! I love the pictures you take and may I add you look gorgeous? ;-)
    I'm following you with Google friend connect and Bloglovin'!...actually I'm also stalking you via Instagram, hee hee.
    Greetings from Spain!

  4. Love this blog about playing pretend...I can totally relate! Being a kid is weird and we want to experience so many things, but not always in great timing! Love this look- you look great in these glasses! Chic!

  5. Love the look! :D

    xx MJ

  6. Love that necklace! This outfit is great!

  7. It's really inspiring blog! Love at the first sight <3

    Wanna follow each other with GFC? Please let me know :)

  8. just became your newest follower, love the checkered button up paired with the thrifted belt, mixing prints is so on right now. and the pop of yellow is perfect, cant wait to read more, would love to have you follow xo

  9. oh man. LOVE this post.
    make believe is basically my life motto.
    Seriously, you're fantastic. I don't judge you at all - I wear glasses with fake lenses from time to time too (though rarely, because I'm practically blind).

    This style is so awesome, with the plaid shirt and the baggy denim pants, you look so comfy -but the neon really gives it a PUNCH.

    Oh, I also need these shoes. now.


    Firmoo's actually pretty cool. Not big into free product stuff, but they're the most comfy ones I have. they're light without being crappy.
    and OH .my. GOD. that fake retainer thing hits home.
    We would have been good weird kid friends.

  10. Stunning look! Your yellow blazer is so beautiful!! And necklace is perfect, too :)

  11. I love this outfit! Nice and casual but still stands out.


  12. LOLOLOLOL. I used to do the retainer thing with the curved end of candy canes. I was all "my retainer tastes better than yours". And you look freaking cute as always.

    Love, Amy
    A. Loo's Closet

  13. I adore this post! I used to do the retainer thing too! Kids are so weird. :P Love this whole look!

  14. "Ummmm I have to take my retainer out." hahaha. I definitely remember wanting to have glasses... eventually I got them, and braces unfortunately! I love these glasses on you - they make your eyes stand out like crazy! Good to know about the free pairs. :)

  15. Hahaha I did the retainer thing too!! So good to know I wasn't the only weirdo as a kid haha. After having braces for a few years I realised maybe I didn't love the idea of retainers so much haha. That shirt looks amazing on you!xx


  16. Bahaha, and I thought I was the one with the weird childhood :D Phew, I'm relieved :D
    You are rocking those firmoo glasses, looking hot with them, not nerdy at all :D
    I had a retainer too, before the braces, and hated taking it out, because all the other kids were staring with disgust :D


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