Monday, April 22, 2013

90s Trends: The Good, The Bad, and The Rachel

 We must now discuss how exciting it is that 90's clothes are considered vintage. For me, it is the first decade that has made a come back in fashion that I actually experienced in the first place. It's an exciting feeling. However, because I was mostly in elementary and middle school in the 90's, my style consisted of stirrup tight pants, lisa frank, sweat shirts with puff paint, ad nauseum (jk, don't ad nauseam. Nothing about that list makes me nauseous. It's all amazing). I will also say with pride that I diiiiid get into the grungier stuff in middle school...overalls, flannel, converse etc.

It's an amazing thing to watch an era make a comeback like that. Now, according to Urban Outfitters it's cool to wear t-shirts featuring wolves howling at the moon and/or horses galloping into a sunset. (if you found a shirt featuring both...well, holy moly,  you could probably sell it at a vintage store for $50).

If I'm remembering correctly, only super nerds wore that shit in the 90's. There was always a girl that wore a horse shirt everyday of the week, and sadly she didn't have very many friends. Here's the thing though, wolves howling at the moon ARE really cool. Same with the horses galloping. I mean....have you ever seen wild horses.......galloping? No? Me neither, but I fucking wish I could say I have.

So maybe those nerds sporting the wildlife tee's in the 90's were actually cooler than the rest of us. They knew wildlife was legit enough to wear on a t-shirt and they didn't care who else thought so. Everyone else is just now catching on.

Wildlife t's aren't really my thing now-a-days. That was just an observational rant. However, the 90's trends that made a come back which most excite me are as following:

-Denim vests
-Little Floral Dresses
-Dr. Martin Boots
-Joseph Gordon Levitt
-High-waisted Denim
-Friendship Bracelets
-Heroin Chic
-T Shirts with Thug Versions of our favorite Looney Tunes (oh shit, is that just me?)
-Crop Tops
-90's style Ralph Lauren

And 90's trends that kinda gross me out that may or may not have made a come back:
-Puka Shell Necklaces
-Dr. Martin Sandals
-Baby G Watches
-The Caesar Cut. ---- THE WORST
-The Spiky Hair Bun
-Brown Lip Stick
-Electronic Dance Music

90's trends I still can't decide on:
-Mandarin print

How 'bout you guys? What are your favorite and least favorite 90's trends?
{Black Hat: Gifted (similar here)}{Levi's Denim Vest: Thrifted Vintage (here's one!)}
{Knit Crop Cardigan: Vintage}{Wedge Booties: Urban Outfitters (old)}


  1. Joseph Gordon Levitt is a 90's trend I will never get sick of! Great look my dear!

  2. Haha... YES!! I couldn't agree more.. and for me it was 8-18... so it's still kinda hard for me to go back.. but who doesn't love a good denim jacket or vest? Or high wasted shorts? Or Friends.. the 90's were good to us... however it will be hard for me to bust out my traper-keeper instead of my ipad... just sayin..

  3. i loooove that the 90s are coming back too- and your outfit is a case in point.i love everything from the floral print, the wide brimmed hat, and baggy vest. Now if only we kept our childhood clothes- it'd be a gold mine. Especially the lisa Frank pieces haha!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  4. sunflower prints, peace signs. maroon velvet, rollerblades.

    1. OMG. Hahahahaha! Maroon velvet!!!! Yes! That's the good stuff!!

  5. That's a perfect list of good and bad 90s. I'm glad that lug soles may be making a comeback. I have a weird fear of my feet looking too small for my body and that's guaranteed not to happen in a lug sole.


  6. I'm also super excited that the 90's are making their comeback!!!! I too grew up as a 90's chick and it brings back some good memories, I love how modern this ensemble looks though 90's with a modern twist :)
    Brooke @ what2wear

  7. It's so crazy how the 90's trends are coming back, I didn't really like that time period's style. I saw a sunflower babydoll dress at Wasteland last week selling for over 50 dollars. I couldn't believe it!



    Southern (California) Belle

  8. Firstly, I've gotta say that you have beautiful hair! Seriously, it's so lovely. :)

    90's... oh man, I gotta love the Doc Marten trend. I really love those wedges of yours and the floral. You look so lovely. <3

  9. The last picture is adorable! I really how you incorporated floral and denim here with a peep toe booties. My favorite 90's trend is probably high waisted denim, I never thought I'd be wearing them! Haha. Have a great Monday :)

  10. I love everything vintage, even if it is a photograph! LOL.. And you look gorgeous here..

  11. absolutely love this. the pattern on that dress is fabulous.

  12. Wrote a post a while back acknowledging the fact that my youth is now "vintage" and it made me feel like 10 gazillion years old and weird and uncomfortable.

    Then I realized that, because I'm a hoarder, I'm totally Ok with it.
    YES for saving every ugly piece of clothing ever
    (High-waisted sugar snap pea shorts included)

    I remember the gross greasy boys would always wear those damn wolf shirts. Those may be ruined for life for this girl. Though I think (know) I may have be the weird girl with the puppy shirt.

    TMI alert: First (and only, mind you) time I pooped in my pants was in a pair of bright red stirrup leggings; which have been ruined forever.

    Picture it
    picture it

    I don't really understand how all of your posts are so dead on . It's like we grew up in the same brain. Except that I still like puka shells. so sue me.


  13. stop.

    that is too weird.

    (that would go in my AIM buddy profile were AIM still taking up 98% of my free time)

  14. DAMN girl I cannot keep up with you! Your styling and writing is killing it. The fit of that vest and a peep toe bootie and and the sunlight and the texture and the dog AND you're drop dead gorgeous, too? Can't get enough.

    xoxo Britt

  15. You are so dead on in this post! It is so fun to see 90s fashion coming back knowing that probably up until 6 years ago, I still owned a lot of my 90s crap. LOL. I love the overalls trend, but I love that they made it more modern by tapering the leg and not making them look so baggy. I also love tiny bud floral prints found on babydoll dresses and crop tops, and I kinda love that the modernized "skort" is back a la Zara. The 90s were my style decade though so it is so fresh to me. LOL.

    I loveeee this look! You look amazing with the hat and the denim vest over the dress. Makes me reminisce....Thank you so much for visiting my blog today! <3


  16. cool look! xoxo

  17. Digging the look lady, cool modern 90s. Loved your lists- and agree spot on with you. Brown lips, sketchers & doc sandals topped my list for a big NO. I hated them even when they were in. Seriously, who wants to wear brown (let this be known, this color can be associated with poop!) on their mouth? Yes, I just went there- I hope people think TWICE about wearing it anymore! So NOT chic now or ever! Thanks for the awesome read! XO


  18. dr. marten sandals were the worst. i had 2 pairs both of which i paired with puka shell anklets and thought i was the shit. i would be blown away if someone could make those look good now. love the unexpected layering in this outfit.


  19. That dress is just amazing! I really love the pattern!

    I can honestly say, that I never thought that I would like the 90's things again, but I guess I'm just a true 90's child at heart. I think I just hated hand-me-downs during the actual 90's, but isn't thrifting just buying hand-me-downs? Anyway, I digress.

    I think what I learned most from the 90's comeback is - don't ever laugh at certain clothes, because you will never know what you will be wearing in the future. Case in point: laughed at this pair of boots that my mom had in the 90's. This year, borrowed them for a 90's party and ended up falling in love with them and literally almost cried when they just crapped out.

    Well, that turned into a giant love fest of the 90's that I wasn't expecting. Sorry about that!


  20. I love this outfit, I have to say I'm not a massive fan of the grunge look but it looks awesome on other people!

    Maria xxxx

  21. I am so happy to be able to throw on my dungarees and it be considered on-trend, rather than crazy! I'm super happy about the return of the 90s. I wish the 90s cheesy music would make a return.

    These pictures are, as always, beautiful. You always look so natural. I love the mix of patterns in this!

  22. Great outfit ! and a very cute dog haha

  23. I'm so excited for the '90s to be back too, I was born 1990 :p haha so I was probably bit young to really do 'fashion' back then but still it's cool to have a trend come back that isn't that far away. I'm so excited about the denim vests and more grungy style. Love your outfit! Maya - Archistas


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