Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Give Pleats a Chance: In Defense of Pleated Pants

 Guys, I really just can't get enough high-waisted pleated pants in my life. They remind me of Meg Ryan in her pre-plastic-surgery-disaster-rom-com days. (French Kiss = one of my favorite movies). I know there are a lot of pleat haters out there (non-pleat-lievers....yikes, that was a reach), and I get it. Maybe you think they highlight your fupa, or maybe you don't like the way they poof up when you sit down. And I won't argue that pleats don't do either of those things, but I will say give pleats a chance.

I feel like so many people just have this blind hatred towards pleats. Like ANYTHING featuring the folds of cloth will make them shoot laser beams made of death daggers out of their eyes and mouths. Why so much distain for the things? Was it universally decided that nothing can make you look like a Goodyear Blimp more than pleats? Everybody just needs to caaaalm down.

If pleats are anything they are quirky. And I love a small (or big) touch of quirk in every look.

Take this outfit for example if these pants weren't pleated it wouldn't be near as charming. They add to the nostalgia and billow-y-ness of it all, but still keep it looking tailored. They also act as a sort of horizontal mirror for the pleats on the shirt.

Speaking of it, I found this amazing silk shirt with a pleated bib at a thrift store, and decided to get all soft and springy with these pants and vintage "sleep over" bag I used as a clutch.
{Pants: Thrifted Anne Taylor (similar)}{Shirt: Vintage}{Earrings: Dolly Python}
{Bag: Vintage}{Shoes: Nina (similar)}


  1. i actually also love pleated pants (and pre plastic surgery meg ryan for that matter)!! lurving this whole ensemble!!
    brooke @ what2wear

  2. Gorgeous look on you! Love the neutral vibe you got going on! Unfortunately... for me... Anything with massive amounts of folded fabric make my hips look like Kirsti Alley & Kim Karsdashian had a child.... and like not in a good way... Oh how I envy ya'all with the straight shape!!! You make it look easy!!

  3. OMG French Kiss! One of my favorite style movies right up there with Only You (Marisa Tomei!)!!! Excellent pleats!

  4. You are seriously so good at pairing up vintage items to make them look modern. Props to you.

  5. Pleats can be the best or worst detail in a pair of pants. Get 'em just right and they flatter like crazy. Get 'em wrong and "hello and welcome Ponchville!" These are just right. They drape gorgeously and are such a pretty shade of grey. I love how you've styled them and wish I could wear lots of drapey fabrics without looking like I'm drowning, haha

  6. I absolutely love this post. I actually adore pleated pants. Love your look!

  7. OK I think you read my mind sometimes. I thought it at first about the muumuu post, but now I have to say something because I have lately found the BEST pleats at thrift stores in great fabrics and colors.
    Remember a few years ago when people got eye daggers about high-waisted pants? How fickle we all are.

  8. you look so chic. I love this outfit on you. Sophisticated, classy and still so modern at the same time. =)

  9. I just love this look on you. It looks so comfortable yet sophisticated. If I weren't a total shortie, I would totally give pleated pants a try

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  10. I just found your blog and I'm obsessed! This outfit is amazing!! Would love for you to link up with this clutch on Third Thursday Threads over at my blog on Thursday. The theme is Spring Florals this month and your clutch would be awesome!

    Bri @ Work Clothes, I Suppose

  11. I have a pair, that I recently posted on my blog. I love yours, so crisp and clean!
    For some reason, hi-waist pleated trousers compliment any shape and they give such a utilitarian sense of purpose.

    Totally dig this post.
    I'm with you sista!


  12. i really like pleated pants! yours are gorgeous! :D

  13. Who in the world could hate pleats!! Especially they way you're wearing them :D
    I'm not a hater, and I love your gorgeous outfit. You always inspired me :)

  14. I have nothing again pleats, they make me think about Lauren Bacall, Ginger Rogers, Barbara Stanwyck. Your are lovely as is the whole outfit, great soft colors!

  15. What a lovely outfit, so elegant! The pants & bag are just mwahh x


  16. Ok first of all, I love your blog and style! So excited to start following you! Secondly, this outfit is gorgeous and you have me wanting pleated pants now. Thirdly, hide that bag somewhere safe because I want to steal it ;)

  17. Yes, pleated pants are a love them-hate them item. I agree with what Catie stated above....it's all about where the pleats hit you. I have been obsessing over some hot pink one's.....we'll see if I end up buy them. You look amazing in these pants- so keep on rocking them. XO!

  18. I love this outfit, you look so elegant, definitely inspirational!

  19. wow really amazing outfit! I love your pants!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  20. This is so lovely. This is the most pretty outfit I've seen on you so far. I love the pants!


  21. Oh, I love the pattern of these trousers!


  22. Oh my god it's all so perfect. Slouchy but structured with the pleats. And that bag is awesome.

  23. Well you shouldn't stop wearing them because those trousers look beautiful on you!

  24. I had NO idea that pleats were such a point of contention!

    I love them. In fact, I always tried to fold my pants in a special way to keep the pleats as prominent as possible.

    you seriously look like, angelically pretty, here. Like an angel ready to go to the office and then spend the night there with her"overnight" bag.

    Love your comment about the pleats being mirrored in the pants. so true. perfect observation


  25. You look so elegant, the blouse and the shape of the trousers give it an almost 20s feel and the clutch is just stunning. I wish I found such good things thrifting! xox

  26. SO pretty!


  27. You look gorgeous! Great outfit!

    - Jade xx

  28. Hello my dear, I just discovered your blog via your Chictopia profile and since I find your style very inspiring I've decided to follow you via GFC and Bloglovin. Maybe you would like to follow me back. xoxo


  29. I think you can probably just pull anything off, me in pleats = plain no-no :D
    I love the flowy top you've paired with it, gives it a chic vibe.
    Maya - Archistas

  30. Just had to comment again. I just scanned through your first page of blog posts and now I heart you. :) You have such a cool style that is feminine one day and rocker chic the next. I love that about bloggers because I kind of have a bi-polar style aesthetic as well. This look is so pretty! I love those pleated pants (pleat-liever here!) and that blouse is gorgeous. Following you on all the social sites now! <3



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