Friday, April 12, 2013

How to Wear A MuuMuu/Kaftan (and look like a baller)

(Note: It is not baller to let your white ankle sock show, I know).

 A muumuu, a kaftan... call it what you will. The point is: no one will know whether or not you're wearing underpants. We've seen similar garments on the runway and in the Walmart, (If your from a small town you call it THE Walmart) and if you're like me you have fantasized about wearing this pajama-like garment in public and doing it with PAZAZZ. The question that begs to be answered is, how do you style a muumuu?

I'm sure many people are appalled at the thought of wearing what is normally considered to be house lounging clothing in public. I however, am a big fan of this look for several reasons.
 A. I already mentioned the underpants thing.
 B. It's a breath of fresh air to any wardrobe and social situation
 C. The cat lady/eccentric weirdo implications.
 D. Comfort factor is turned up to 11.

Things to keep in mind when rockin' this roomy garment HARD:

- Attaining a muumuu and/or Kaftan is relatively simple. As I've mentioned before in this post, you 
  can find one Ross Dress for Less, or in this case with less, ya know,  since you won't be
  wearing underpants. 
  Go Here, here and here for other rad Kaftans/Muumuus.
- Avoid the silkier materials if you're going for a wallet friendly muumuu. Cheap silky materials tend
  to look tacky particularly when they are adorned with bold patterns. 
- Rounded toe ballet flats are too easy with a look like this. If you want to wear a shoe you 
  can slip on, consider something with more of a pointed toe
- As far as footwear, a minimal sandal would work or booties like these 
- Biker jackets add edge for a less beachy more urban vibe.
- You could always go super 70's with a scarf or turban on your noggin and radical curls.
- In the summer time, don't be scared of a giant hat. Especially if you're close to a beach! 
- A bold lip color will remind people that you are aware you are not in your pajamas. 
  I'm wearing Elf lip stain. Elf is super cheap and cruelty-free. 
- I would avoid anything too overly beaded. You might teeter on the edge of costume-y. Wear
  a geometric metal cuff, or a metal neck like this. 

And then there's this one:

{Vegan Leather Jacket: Buffalo Exchange (similar)}{Hat: Vintage}{MuuMuu: Vintage}
{Boots: Vince Camuto}{Lips: Elf}


  1. ZOMG #muumuuFTW! GUrl you look amaaaaaaazing. Those lips, that print...those booties. SHUTTING it down. GAWD and the hat. You're killing me.


  2. So good to have you back, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Love, love, love.

  3. Perfection!! Love the addition of the jacket!

  4. these photos are great! love your outfit so much :) the clash of the dress and jacket is just too good x

  5. This is like,
    REALLY good advice.

    You'd make an excellent stylist - the things you say are practical and (in my opinion) intelligent. I think it's rare to find a blog that clearly outlines what to wear and why - without doing so in a preachy way. It's refreshing and awesome to see into your mind.

    I want to be your best friend and have you teach me style secrets.

    I also want to be as cool as you in the last photo.

    And to not wear underwear.

  6. dang cuz if you arent rocking that muumuu, this is such great advice.....i think im going to have to try it now!!!
    brooke @ what2wear

  7. you are so gorgeous. I'ma get me a muumuu.

  8. This is a particularly fantastic muumuu, I have to say. And you seem to do hats with so much ease...looks like they were made for you. 'm a wee bit jealous. I have a huge melon head.

  9. Amazing, love it all, was eyeing these Chloe susanna lookalikes, like yours, and hadn't seen these, * I am trying to snag them on Ebay, awesome outfit!

  10. The styling is great and you chose such beautiful colors.
    Love your hat adds so much to the outfit.

  11. That's pretty genius! I never thougha Mumu could look chic!

    Would you like to follow each other?

    Sophisticated Lace

  12. It can also go the other way and you could wear 2 layers of ugly thermals underneath. Usually what I do in the winter when I want to be chic without dying. Maxi dresses never fail.

    Great tips. I will definitely keep them in mind when styling my huge red 70s dress thing I found a couple weeks ago. It has the loveliest Lanvin-ish volume at the bag. Completely shapeless in the best way.

  13. Love this post...and that last photo just cracked me up!!! Hysterical. Love it! I am digging this blue on you- especially with the red lip- nice. I love the implication about being a cat person....haha. You always make me smile. Great tips on looking ridiculously rad while rocking a muumuu.

    XOXO! Courtney

  14. beautiful pictures ! and the dress is stunning (:
    your last picture is my favorite haha ~

    xoxo Rei

  15. You look absolutely amazing! You are totally rockin' and reinventing how the muumuu can be worn. <3

    XO, Michi

  16. I adore your style of writing and your pictures are wonderful too!
    Especially the last one ;)

  17. Love everything about this look, especially the touch of the jacket and hat!

    - Laura

  18. I absolutely love this post. So great. :)

  19. What a lovely look! I love your shoes and hat dear!


  20. Looks like you had fun shooting this!! I need me a hat like that asap! I'm not a hat person but this one is too cute!

    Just followed :)
    xox, Cheri

  21. I love this look. I love these photos. I love it all.
    I don't know why I wasn't before but I am now following you on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

    LOVE THIS. Your style is just so great.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  22. Seriously loving this look, so bummed to see the hat is vintage--its such a great shape! On another note I always find myself accentually wearing white socks with my ankle boots-whoops!

    //Birdie Shoots//

  23. Such a cool look! Love the bright blues and your styling truly finishes the look :)
    Maya - Archistas

  24. wow what a kaftan it is!!!!


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