Monday, May 6, 2013

Style Slip-Ups: Learning from Our Mistakes.

Besides how oddly shaped my skull is, what is the first thing you think when you look at this photo? Maybe it's, 
"Girl you a 'ho in dat see thru dress" 
or maybe it's, 
"A license plate clutch? What is this, 1994?"

If it's either of those things you're wrong. I'm not a 'ho, and the license plate clutch is CHEESY AND AMAZING. The answer I am looking for is: the shoes are wrong. However, I decided to go ahead and post this look so we could have a chat about how mistakes like this can be used for growth in the sartorial departments of our lives. 

After taking these photos almost a month ago, I hesitated posting them because I felt so strongly that I made the wrong choice as far as foot accessory. Leaving the house at the time I felt totally confident and even proud of my entire ensemble . Hellllooooo.. sheer secretary dress revealing hot pants underneath? The answer is almost always yes. However, after reviewing the photos I wondered how I could've chosen these dainty little wedges as opposed to a shoe that balances the look out more. (Maybe some sort of black boot?)

I decided to go ahead and post the look to make this very point: it's important to learn from our style slip-ups, and what better way to learn than from documenting and analyzing? What else am I getting from this (or any) style blog? 

A false sense of importance? Yes, most likely.

But really...with each outfit posted I discover something new, or become more brave, or learn to deal with the shame of looking like a complete and utter idiot in front of my millions of readers (sarcasm, a little self deprecation never hurt anyone). It's alright to look back and cringe not only at poor style choices you've made, but at any poor choice you've made.

(Unless the choice was clear bra straps with a tube top. In that case DON'T LOOK BACK. DON'T EVER LOOK BACK!!!!).

The silver lining is that we're learning and growing from our mistakes, and never shall we ever sport clear bra straps with a tube top again.  

Any style mishaps you've learned from? 
What shoes would you have rocked with this outfit?
{Dress: Vintage (Similar)}
{Jacket: Vintage (Similar Here)}
{Licence Plate Clutch: Gift}
{Belt: Grandmother's}
{Glasses: Cotton On (Similar Here)}


  1. gorgeous dress! xoxo

  2. i look back and cringe a tons of my outfits but girl, i dont know what the other shoes looked like but i just love this ensemble, that dress.....chea, and the clutch, loves it!!!
    brooke @ what2wear

  3. Girl I just love this! And I didn't even really notice the shoes bc the top half was so amazing... Love that jacket with it... Legit


  4. Love this.. and I didn't even notice any of the things you listed or your shoes, mostly because I was totally eyeing the wicked awesome belt your sportin... I would have tried on this shoe first.. and then switched to hemp wedge or chunky stacked heel without the jacket. With the jacket I would done an ankle strap heel... the kind that could be a weapon if needed. As for a sense of importance, we should have that anyways... some people call it confidence. Nailed it girl!

    1. Hope, you made me laugh out loud. You're right. We should have a sense of importance. Always love your comments, girl.

  5. Mother eff. You look like a total babe. I love it! I didn't even notice the hot pants underneath and the shoes are just fine. I think the jacket and clutch balance the outfit enough. And please don't tell me that necklace is vintage because I've got to have one!

  6. This looks so hot! I love the dress. And I actually rather like the shoe choice! If you think this is "wrong" then I want to be wrong with you! =)

  7. I was like: uhm what is wrong with that look? Really I liked it just like it is, plus I didn't even notice the see-through until you said it haha. But it's true that with blogging we can grow, dare to try new things and learn from mistakes (which this outfit really isn't) Maya - Archistas

  8. I actually really like the dainty shoes paired with the 'harder' leather jacket!
    I love the idea of a blog being a way to document the good AND the bad!

  9. lovelyy dress! I love the blue!


  10. Thank you for this.

    Brilliant. So glad you decided to post the pics and address it head on. I suffer from this every single day. Do you think this means that we haven't reached style maturity? That's the question I'm still debating. Maybe our mood just changes. Maybe in a few years, you'll look back and wonder why you ever thought that you SHOULDN'T post these photos. You know?

    Sometimes it's so confusing I could die.

    I'm dramatic. whatever.

    Think I would have worn cognac leather ankle booties with this one. white stilettos might have been cool too.



  11. Oh PS:
    so distracted by the sunglasses I didn't even notice the sheerness

    I feel like your coolness blinded every commenter here from any falsely perceived "mistake"

  12. Chica...I am SUPER glad you posted about this! I just had a similar post a couple weeks ago about embracing our fashion mistakes/miststeps. Without making these mistakes, we won't grow! I agree 100% that we should be able to analyze our looks but also allow others to as well. Good call.

    On a side STILL killed it. I think the shoe isn't that bad. I would have sported a rougher/rocker ankle boot- preferably one with belted straps around the boot(I want a pair like this SO bad!). Or, I would have worn gold rocker boots. You still looked hot & good....but love that you're up for honesty. The best relationships are built on it. Why not a blog?! XOXO!


  13. lovely color! :D and those ruffles are great

  14. I think that these shoes really work with this outfit! You are rocking that balance between b.a. and feminine. Also, that clutch is probably the best thing ever, just saying.


  15. I like the shoes but almost didn't notice beacuse of how great the dress and jacket work together!
    Anyway, we always have to learn from our mistakes and it's great that you decided to post them :)

    - Laura

  16. I need your jacket in my life! Looking lovely as normal xx

    Underneath The Lights

  17. I actually like the dainty shoes, I guess I'm just weird ;)I am trying to break my habit of belting everything, so far it's not really happening!

    Maria xxx

  18. I think we always see ourselves very differently than others, so mistakes sometimes are only in our own eyes. I like the shoes, a bootie would have been great, but a bit of unbalance doesn't hurt anyone. Great color on that dress!

  19. OH gurl! You've got bigger balls than I do...I still have some sets of photos that will never see the light of the blogosphere due to my poor styling choices. DAMNIT...maybe I should bust them out?!?!? Love you, such a good idea for a post! The sheerness of this dress makes me veeeery happy...and the clutch is so clutch. I probably would have gone the bootie route...but I always go the bootie route.

    xoxo Britt

  20. firstly you are absolutely right about that clutch being all sorts of amazing. and i couldn't agree more about learning from your mistakes, i think it might just be the best way to learn. to quote einstein, "anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." and that definitely sounds like a life void of sheer dresses and hot pants and where is the fun in that?


  21. so so so beautiful. What a great dress.

  22. When I first saw these pictures all I could think is how fabulous this dress is on you. You look absolutely amazing!



    Southern (California) Belle

  23. I did not notice (and still don't notice) any odd shape to your skull neither did I recognize that your dress is semi-transparent. To make myself feel less like a loser, let's call this a win-win for you! =]

    Kate from Clear the Way

  24. We tend to be overly critical of ourselves (which is sometimes useful :)) but I really don't see anything wrong with this outfit! it is perfect! :)

  25. Well, to be honest I like how the shoes look with this outfit. :D But, I'm not an expert anyway :D Nonetheless, I love the jacket and dress ^_^
    Oh, I've had so many slip ups in my daily outfits, I'm embarrassed to count them all :D

  26. Love, love, love.

  27. This is a great post. How often do we go back and look at our entries and think that we could have done it better. Funny, but actually, those shoes didn't jump out at me as out of place until you said something. Then it got me thinking, and I thought...yeah, maybe a neutral shoe....

    But if you hadn't pointed it out, I would not have gone there on my own, so caught up was I in looking at the details of the other pieces, which ROCK... including the license plate clutch, which as you say, is cheesy and awesome, and a hex upon those that would tell you otherwise.


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