Monday, May 20, 2013

Eastern Thoughts Western Wear

Maybe it's time to re-examine your relationship with inanimate objects when you feel you just might die if you don't have something. When I stumbled upon this dress in Goodwill, I'm not gonna lie, my blood pressure rose, my throat tightened. If there was a giant rip, or it didn't fit, or anything prevented me from owning this garment, I was going to put on a wedding dress, recite nursery rhymes and walk into traffic. 

Cacti? Lassos? Longhorns? A vintage label reading "Ida Clair"??? This dress maaaay be my soul if my soul was clothing. 

CLEARLY this dress was put here by the Gods for ME. THE Texas girl who just happens to be rummaging through the jam packed racks of garments at the Goodwill in West Hollywood. The vintage lover, the anything-that-has-to-do-with-Texas lover. Me, me, me!!!

I'm pretty sure if I saw this dress on someone else, say a gal (or guy... who's judging?) who isn't from Texas or who didn't love vintage, shameful thoughts might pass through my mind. Those of the envious variety. Those of the entitled variety. "I should be the one sporting that fine, fine, western garment...that bitch has probably never ever SEEN a real lasso!"

Shameful, shameful thoughts. 

I've observed others experiencing this "Fashion Identity Crisis". Let me clarify: I'm not talking about your classic identity crisis in the sense of you don't know who you are fashion-wise: 

"I'm a total trend whore, betch!!" 
"I'm a boho rocker babe!"
"I'm a brand slave and I'm judging you."
"I'm Sporty Spice!" 

I'm talking about the identity crisis where you think you know who you are fashion wise. Like you know so hardcore who you are that no one else can rock your style. You sport a broach as a bow tie or wear a tie as a belt (don't do that, ew) and then you see it at Urban Outfitters and you Hulk out with rage. 

"Hulk no trendy! You take Hulk's idea! Hulk no serve up funky accessory irony if teenie-boppers do!"

Here's the thing. And this is where you might get up in arms.....
Our style has nothing to do with who we are. 
Who we really are. Like who we ARE are. Okay you get it. 

Neither does the music we listen to. Neither do the shows we choose to watch or the books we read. Sure all these things are extensions of our sesibilities and tastes, but people with GREAT taste can still be total dick holes. And people with the worst taste -like Teva's with socks taste- can have hearts of gold. And we need to remind ourselves of that sometimes. 

Not to go all Echkart Tolle on your ass, but I've come to understand we find ourselves irritated when  something we feel we've discovered becomes trendy, because some part of our brain feels like it's a part of us. When everyone else starts doing the things that helped define us, that thing gets weakened and taken away. And our egos hate it. 
{Glasses: Similar}
{Dress: Thrifted Vintage}
{Bag: Thrifted Vintage}
{Shoes: Cole Haan (also amazing)}
{Headband: Similar}


  1. The dress is stunning on you and I have certainly felt that pull towards an object before (specifically clothing). Usually mine comes with hours and hours of stalking online for a good price. :) Or a size XL haha

  2. you look amazing! xoxo

  3. Such an unique print! And it looks fab on you :) What you wrote was so well put, the whole our style doesn't fully represent WHO we are-- and I totally agree 100%!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  4. Stunning dress!

    xx MJ

  5. Oh you and your fantastically fun vintage style! And your so eloquently worded words. I swore I started the owl trend, and then I started seeing everyone sporting and "loving" owls and I was all "hell to the no, bitch!" But now it's like "oh good for you and your owl loving selves!" Wonderful post as per usual :)

  6. nope, I understand, i would die if i saw a dress like that at a thrift shop and didn't buy it, i would certainly regret it.
    and true about the music/style thing too, i remember in high school one of the most common questions was about what kind of music i like, and i remember always being stuck cos i like so many different types... now i realize that's just a dumb question... if someone asked me nowadays what kind of music i liked, i would laugh in their face... style is the same...

  7. That dress is so amazing and it looks so fantastic on you! So glad, that you found your soul in dress form!

    Also, thanks for that reminder- sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the things people like and overlook what they are actually like.


  8. To be honest that's a very philosophical issue to scratch upon. Who we are? Are we our thoughts? Our doings? Our possessions? This never seizes to confuse me :D
    I love the dress! I can see why your heart would explode, it's just so pretty!

  9. You were lucky! Normally this types of beautiful dresses come in size 44 :S Sometimes I found really nice dresses in charity shops but they are to big and I can't be bother to fix them! I think with internet is getting harder and harder for people to be unique is good to be influenced but sometimes I see to many clones out there..

  10. I am more of a chameleon, I think having moved around so much does that, so I don't get very attached. But I get envious of somebody that knows with certainty what their particular style is. As my head, my style is all over the place. Great post!
    The dress is so gorgeous, love how the shape contradicts the print in a way.

  11. I know what you mean.I also believe that clthes find you their rightful owner.
    That dress was meant for you,and you look so wonderful.

  12. Cute look!

  13. wow

    I overthink things a lot (unintelligently so, alas..) but this is a direction I've never really ventured into.

    the idea that Our style is not who we are is such an interesting one. In fact, I do agree, though I didn't at first. Material items can't reflect the depth of what we have inside, so no cloth iteration is really going to be able to exactly pinpoint WHO we "REALLY" are.

    All we have is our best attempt at reappropriation and interpretation and creative reimagination.

    Can't wait until fabric is a thing of the past and style is truly representative of our inner selves. we'll project our personalities through our bodies.

    or do you not agree?

    SUCH an interesting topic.


  14. Woah.. well said.. way to keep it into perspective!

  15. My heart started racing when I saw this dress on you too! I can't believe you got it at Goodwill and in LA. Seriously, it was destiny. It's absolutely perfect ♥



    Southern (California) Belle

  16. This Texas girl would absolutely love, love, love this dress! Jealous! :)

  17. Perfect in every way, A. I'm glad it landed in great hands!

    More Modern Modesty

  18. You look very stylish! Good work) And sunnies are super cool, btw


  19. I love this dress, especially paired with those beautiful shoes!

    Maria xxx

  20. not to totally justify it, but your ego was right that dress was made for you. texan for texans i always say. i had those same shameful thoughts when the olsen twins made cowboy boots trendy during my freshman year at nyu and i was like ohmahgawd none of y'all have ever even set foot on a ranch! but i just had to pull an eckhart and tell my inner big tex to cool it. and then remind myself that my cowboy boots were better than everyone else's. sorry eckhart.


  21. I think this is my favorite post so far. Your writing always makes me want to be a style blogger......

    1. Ben! you could TOTALLY be a style blogger. You've got mens style nailed down, bro!!!

  22. Amazing dress! LOVE that print! I can totally relate to your thoughts here...I've had similar feelings many times. Thanks for sharing! XO!


  23. Um, WOW!
    You look amazing girl!

    I completely get what you're saying as well. Your writing is fantastic!


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