Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Little St. Augustine Get Away

What happens when a Golden Girl & a carton of Tropicana O.J. have a baby in a Boca Raton Retirement home?
Answer: This tropical 2 piece realness. 

Jonathan and I just returned from a relaxing get away in St. Augustine, Florida, which as you know if you follow along, is where we got married 2 years ago. I stumbled upon this little number in the first thrift store I stepped into for a whopping $3.50, along with many other goodies I'll be posting to the Etsy store today! 

Every time we go to St. Augustine we can't help but entertain the idea of dropping everything in our lives and just moving there. I could shoot weddings and portraits and sell vintage online, and Jonathan could paint (although it's a small town, St. Augustine has a booming art scene), get some part time job and we could gig out together (there's high demand for singer songwriters at the restaurants, cafes and bars there too). We wouldn't be rich, but we'd live near our favorite beach and live simply. 

But we always opt for plan B, which is get rich THEN buy a summer home on the beach. And alas! We materialize back in LA with all the other little fishies. 
Back to the grind. 

I know I'm not the only one with escapism fantasies like that. What are yours? 
Apparently this jumpsuit made me feel so sassy i did this pose. I guess the Golden Girl was Blanche. 
Sorry I'm not sorry. 
Alright, I'm a little sorry.
For real tho, what's this face?
I certainly look proud of myself. Pretty sure I've been making this face since I was 4. 
Tropical Realness: Thrifted (Similar)
Shoes: c/o Charlotte Russe


  1. Teach us your thrifting ways!! I love how this looks on you :) At least you get to come back to LA where we also have some beautiful beaches :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  2. first thrift stop produced this thang?? dang, st. augustine! another masterful use of tropical print, and this outifit makes me want orange juice kind of a lot...

  3. Oh man I could totally get my retirement community on... It's perfection and if you happen to be a little Blanche from Golden Girls.. OWN IT...

  4. obsessed. that jumpsuit is fabulous

  5. Don't be sorry, that's the sassiest pose I've seen this morning kicking around on my blogroll!! :) effing amazing jumpsuit!

  6. I think I would be a Dorothy. Kaftans aaaallll the way. I love the jumpsuit - I think FL is on my list of great thrift vacations. I'm not sure my husband would be as enthusiastic. :)

    My dream is to live in an artsy community as well. Walk to shows, coffee, great food. It's so fun to be surrounded by inspiring people.

  7. Heart Attack!! You just made my week... or maybe my year. That's the most awesome, awesomest thing I've ever seen (your Golden Girl / Boca Raton love child).

    Like, WHY do you not live in my town???

    I need to get thrifting, for realz.



  8. Well Blanche always was my favorite, and she would love this tropical jumpsuit, as do I. Great colors on you and behind you, and there is time, who knows, always great to have an escape fantasy!

  9. cute look!!
    Would you like we to follow each other??
    hugs :)

  10. You look lovely here and I am jealous of your tan!

    Maria xxx

  11. I love jumpsuits so much. There was an article, recently, in the Wall Street Journal about jumpsuits. They require a little confidence, but once you get one on they increase that confidence ten fold! The pattern of yours is especially amazing.

    Happy Fourth!

  12. Okay, I love the Golden Girls. And I love orange juice. And I love YOU. So naturally, I love this whole freaking post.

    Love, Amy

  13. This jumpsuit is pure perfection! I just returned from Costa Rica and lusted after beautiful tropical prints like these... Definitely a place I could imagine living, just like your cute fantasy! It would be so romantic for you and your husband to return to the spot you got married in!

    Xo, Hannah

  14. I love that beautiful print and those sunglasses are adorable! Very cute. Following you!

    love, polly

  15. You look gorgeous !!!!
    I like your outfit so much!!

  16. Love love love that print!! And I totally get your dream to just throw away all the materialistic things and live a laid-back live. I really hope someday we're going to do it but as we're only just starting to get into the job-phase we still have MANY years ahead of us too choose ;) Love your sassy poe by the way :)

  17. YES! Amazing. I think you should keep it-suits you so!

  18. Girl I admire your thrifting skills...this is BANANAS. good. Speechless. Also I SWEAR my FIANCE (still not used to that...) and I always have this convo. Picking up and moving to like, Belize and just being beach bum/bartenders and shit. It's always an option ;)

    xoxo Britt


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