Monday, September 23, 2013

Side Boob: Taking a Closer Look.

I am happy about the increase in ginormous armholes in fashion lately. When it comes to revealing clothing, honestly I have never been comfortable in short shorts or push-up bras and low cut shirts. Ribcage? That I can do. 

Jonathan recently informed me of my apparent decreasing modesty over the past 2 years. I was both shocked and enthralled when he said this. I had no idea I was showing more skin lately. I have always considered myself a somewhat modest dresser. Never too much cleavage, never too much booty. He then clarified, 

"You've been showing less of this" 
(motioning to the midriff area)
"and more of this" 
(motioning to rib and side boob area)

I then informed him that low-rise jeans and hip bones are out, (thank God, cuz that's where I store my Thankgivings/mid-night snacks/grilled cheeses/fupa) and side boob is in (or out if we're speaking literally). 

It was fascinating to me though that ribs could be considered more riske than hip bones by anyone. They seem equally sexy in my mind, depending on what floats your boat. In further discussion I discovered what's more titalizing about revealed ribs is the fabric beneath our blouse's gaping arm holes: the lacy bra-lettes we dole out 17 bucks for at Urban Outfitters. I should clarify that I don't ever rock this look without a full bralette. I'm not total trash, you guys (sarcasm). 

"I can see your underwear (period)" he said blankly. 

As opposed to seeing straight-up skin on hipbones (and the occasional ass crack)? 

So, this brings to rise the age old question. Is less more? Is the idea of what's underneath more exciting than actually just seeing bare flesh? I don't necessarily think so, but I think the question is interesting enough to pontificate for a moment. 
Shall we? 

Jammin' the Boy Scouts of America pants with the side boob here. Somehow that's funny to me. 


  1. If I could pull off sideboob I would but I think it is better suited to slim jims like you!

    Maria xxx

  2. this post makes me happy. =) I can definitely do the side boob reveal vs. everything else. haha

  3. I'm much more comfortable with sideboob than any other form of cleavage. And you might have talked about something else but. . . HAIR. If we were on Instagram this is where I'd insert the smiley face with heart-y eyes emoji. WOW.

  4. Loving the fit of the pants.

  5. I think you are showing the perfect amount of skin! I am so into high waisted pants these days. My ass crack is done with the unwanted unavoidable exposure. But tasteful side boob? mm, acceptable.
    I love your outfit.
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  6. side boob, love it, cos i can show off my side tattoo. hahaha.
    love your necklaces too.

  7. Yeah, I had a similar conversation with my bf. I was going out with a simple leather skirt (not short mind you) and a corset-like top, when he said "Woohoo, hold on, that's waaaay too much skin". And I was shocked, because, I'm usually the type of girl to dress up like an Eskimo. But yeah, blogging has been overall empowering for my "whorish side". :D
    As for what is more interesting, I like to stare at women who show less skin, it messes with your head man :D
    Anywho, loving this outfit to the EXTREME! It's one of those stylish pieces that when put together make up a perfect ensemble, especially the jeans, man I love those, where are they from?

  8. I love this and your hair style is awesome. I can never rock the side bra exposure thing but you are owning it. love it.

  9. ps wearing a pair of pants I bought from your etsy store on my blog today!

  10. I am all about the side boob tank, but sometimes it's done well and sometimes it's really not. I personally like when girls have bralettes on with their side boob tanks because while I don't actually want to see anyone's side boob (or sometimes side nips, depending on the cut of the tank.) That's a little too far for me. I would rather show off my side boob/ribs than show stomach or hips any day. I think it's sexy but still pretty modest.

  11. I do actually think there's something to the idea that a glimpse of skin is sexier than a full on barrage.

    On you, anything's probably sexy, 'cause you're killer all around - alas, I'm a bigger fan of the side show than one from the front. I'm also a sucker for trends, though, so who knows what I'll say in a couple of years.

    Holy good lord I love these pants. AND YOUR SHOES. The way you've unzipped/laced and folded is perfection.

    You're always all over the details .Love that.


  12. what a great outfit. i love that you are actually wearing boy scouts of america pants....and rocking them. side boob style is awesome...considering i have no cleavage to speak of, and minimal side boob, i like that ribs are sexy too....cause i can do that. oh, and toe cleavage.....i have that.

    great shoes by the way. where are they from???

  13. oh, and just reading gaby's did i not know you had an esty shop??? i'm addicted to that place. have just added it to my favorites...

  14. I think side boob is more sexy. I love how it looks!!

    - Laura

  15. I've only occasionally invested in these tops but I do admit they're a big summer favorite. At first I was a bit unsure about the trend but if you got a pretty bralette underneath there is nothing too 'revealing' about it

  16. I definitely think it's sexy to have a little lacy bra poking out under a blouse, as long as the rest of your outfit is minimal and covered-up! I love your outfit!

    Xo, Hannah

  17. Hahhaha I love the way he broke it down for you, that's really funny. My favorite phrase to say to myself is "Ahhhh the illustrious sideboob" so I LOVE this post. Bras are beautiful, we should show them off haha. I love the pants with those shoes. Great look!

  18. im actually a big fan of sideboob when done the right this.....perfection! and i get those comments from my hubs on a daily basis haha
    brooke @ what2wear

  19. Amen to the side boob! And hurray to the demise of low rise denims! I really think the latter are way more risque and pose much more of a nuisance than the humble side boobage. Um for one, and this is a huge point in favor of said risque and annoyance, is that they're so f***en low most times your underwear comes out and joins the party, sitting or standing. No Bueno. And of course the emphasis on the gut area which you pointed out. You don't want to be eating anything prior to stepping out in some. The extra wide arm holes are a welcome sartorial change in my books, plus they're so much more edgier than trashy!

    Dancing in Black

  20. I think this look is appropriate for women our age but (call me old-fashioned if you must) I cringe at the thought of these young High Schoolers walking around with their boobs/bras hanging out. I think it can be very fashionable and polished when styled like this, but walk around an American mall on a Saturday and the see-through shirts with neon bras or the bralettes under muscle tanks make me worry for my future children. I wish parents (and the teens themselves) would effectuate a clearer boundary between "young teen" & "mature teen" & "young adult" fashion.

    Okay, done ranting. =] You look lovely and I love this look.

  21. I hate side boob with no bra, like some stars are wearing, but with a bralette and suddenly it becomes cool. Love this, those shoes rock!

  22. your porcelain ribcage is giving me MAJOR skin envy! skinvy? skenvy? i'm still trying to scrub off the remainder of the tan that i got this summer despite soo many layers of sunscreen... also, i'm going to st augustine this sunday for a little 3 day vacation! i'm gonna shoot you an email in case you might have some suggestions for must see/eat things....

  23. Ribcage cute in a bikini and it helps if the boobs are touching your stomach... just saying.... ;) However for me, it's a big fat fail... besides I really don't want everyone in the whole Trader Joes to see that I'm overdue for a new bra...

  24. I'm not normally one to post something like "oh my god love your shoes" but those are fab!


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