Sunday, February 28, 2010


This weekend was maximally relaxing, not too much movement, not too many purchases (trying to ease up on those). Finished a great book by Ms. Cintra Wilson. Found about 6 Woody Allen movies at a garage sale, and spent plenty of time snuggling and watching them. We win. Here's an outfit post, in hopes to aesthetically please you. muah!

My elephant broach I very clumsily attached to a chain and transformed into a necklace, and my very special cameo ring j bought me for balentimes day.
Oooooh, here's a good one. My ridonk-donk collection of funky-chunky-totem spirit-charmy-necklaces hanging on the wall.
Wearing vintage Evan Picone blazer, thrifted pleated giant pants, Target leggings, thrifted braided leather belt,Steve Madden brogues
I looked everywhere for these kindsa pants. Big ol' black ones with pleats. (Which I had to reiron into them, because they were at this junked out thrift store). I only wish the waist band went up a little higher around my mid section.
And here is a loverly Sunday portrait of me and my doggie. Mad chillin.

This post was composed to the sounds of the band, Madness. Yum.
Happy end of February. 

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