Friday, February 19, 2010

Keep's Sake

There was an old ugly dresser that's been in my family for years, we got tired of looking at it...and this is what we created out of it. 
I have been keeping up with a very large collection of paper and stickers and scraps for about 10 years to use for this very reason. The photo above is the decopodge process.
I know this photo of the dressers shows it incomplete, woops. What really made the whole project fun was running around looking for different antique or antique looking drawer pulls. We found some a Lula B's on Greenville and Elliott's Hardware off Maple has a MASSIVE hardware section, I even found little acorn ones!
This is a close up pf one of the drawers. I cut out some of my favorite lines from one of my favorite plays and pasted them over these saweet B&W photos. Sheet music and tissue paper are always winners too...and old cd jackets, (as you can see, we utilized the frog from Silverchair's Frogstomp. Booyay 90's). 

Welp, i'm off to Thrift shop.....AGAIN. It's seriously a problem. Really....I could open a small vintage store.

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