Monday, March 29, 2010

Throwing things against the wall

Quicky. It's funny, most of the times when I have 2.3 seconds to get ready I walk out of my closet with combinations i would've never put together if I actually had time to think about it. I've had fun just letting myself mix patterns.

I LOVE these sunglasses. I call them my "Nineties-Meg Ryan-Romantic Comedy" glasses. I found them at Thrift Town for $4!!

Pattern-Studded Wedges found at Buffalo Exchange in Austin.

Wearing H&M polka-dot tank, Vintage Nieman Marcus jacket, thrifted gold belt, DKNY jeans, Vintage South West Purse, and various thrifted jewelry. (The key necklace is from Dolly Python on Haskell. Go there for great vintage and chunky necklaces)!!!

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  1. Literally wrote a post all about this once! The creativity that is inspired by procrastination and 3 sec prep times.


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