Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Milli and Lily

I got the chance to shoot some adorable babies this December. ("Shooting adorable babies"?!?... I mean with my camera, sillies!) Shooting kids can be so tiring, but I usually enjoy it so much in the moment, I don't even notice until I'm through and totally spent! 


This little girl reminded me of myself as a babe. Chubby, blonde and tough. She busted her lip in the middle of the shoot, and went on with only a few tears shed. What a pro!


Look at those pretty eyes! Look at her headband! She has a tutu to match! I'm using one thousand exclamations!  Lily is mad stylin'. Seriously. This is half of her closet....

I know, right? 
This is not my first session with Lily and she's one of the most expressive kids I've ever seen. She probably gets it from her Mom and Dad (both talented actors). The camera loves her.

Short and Sweet! 

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