Sunday, December 26, 2010

Magic Feet

When I wear these shoes with my gold socks I feel like I have Magic Feet. I don't have a full shot of this particular combo, but i'll tell ya it was all about the shoes....and earrings....and hat. 

On another note, all these are self-portraits...maybe not "portraits" so to speak, but pictures I took... with a timer... of myself. It might seem silly, but there's something really cathartic about doing this...(Not those funny ones you take over and over again of your puckered lips and washboard abs for your facebook with your iphone)...but playing with your manual settings on your camera, and then running and striking some sort of pose, or no pose at all...You usually end up with some unique photographs you never would've thought of before.

This particular time was sort of impromptu, so I didn't get my tripod (out of laziness? maybe). Sans the adjustable height of my tripod, I was forced to find various flat surfaces and had to adapt to the frames those surfaces provided....hence the coffee table trotting.

Enough Blathering. 

BDG Jeans, Forev 21 earrings, Forev21 gold socks, Thrifted Belt and Bracelets, Camel Hat from Ahab Bowen, Kenneth Cole brogues.

I had a really really fabulous Christmas, and got tons of great gifts including a vintage Bonnie Rait baseball tee and a new film camera. Had fun carrying on with my brothers, ate like a glutton, watched movies, all the good stuff. Hope you did too. 

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