Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bedazzled Warfare

I really love our place, and can't imagine living anywhere else. I'm so so so thankful. The light shines through our windows during the day and it's the best picture takin''s also great to lay in the warmth and watch the dust float through the are some scenes...(and an outfit) :)

Yes, that's a Porky Pig lamp that lights up from within....And a HILARIOUS portrait of Jonathan: a prop from a play in which he was a philosopher spiraling into the depths of madness. Good times. 
There's also a poem I wrote and deco-podged to a piece of glass. It goes a lil like dis:

The mounds of clothes are cleared from the piano
It's time to confront all those dirty dishes of your mind 
full of things like poems and ping pong.
Homeboy once told me, 
"You're ruining my world"
Homeboy once told me, 
"I want to hear your voice when your old"
Katy once told me, she wants to go back to Arizona.

Are you tired of seeing pictures of my dog? 

I really liked this outfit, I felt like some sort of victorian-urban-cowboy with a Bob Dylan hat. Plus, that giant necklace makes me feel like I'm wearing really fancy armor. Like if somebody shot at my chest with Ruby bullets I'd be covered. There's something rad about wearing jewelry with implications of warfare. If I sat here and thought about it long enough I could probably tell you why. 
ANYHOO,  I'm also really digging those rich autumnal tones. Emerald Green, Rust, Navy, ect. 

Green felt hat: Antique mall, Pearl Necklace (te he he), Blue Tank and Ring: Forever 21, Fly Away Cardigan: Marshals/Tj Max... one of those. Johnston and Murphy Italian old man shoes: Thrifted, Jeans: DKNY
Side note: I totally made those pillows on my couch. Booyay.

 Have a Happy!

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