Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Hipstamatic Post

In the last two days I've watched a Gonzo and Born Into This....both incredible documentaries (Born Into This especially) about two of my favorite writers. Both films left me feeling a little bit like a wiener because I've been neglecting writing lately. Quite honestly, neglecting it because it's something I really love, and I'm a little afraid to touch it....does that make sense?  However, these films have lit a little bit of a fire under my ass, and now I think I'll be writing more of those random thoughts that float through my head....poetry...not a lot of people are into it, but I am. And I should get to it, right? Now that my personal nonsensical spew has run its course, let's get to some eye candy.

Here's a few of my favorite "hipstamatic" photos I've taken with my phone. 

An awesome quote I found in Garden and Gun Magazine. One of my favorite lifestyle magazines. It focuses on everything from old plantation home interior design to southern artists, to dogs, and deep fried southern food and music. This publication also has some of the most amazing photography I've seen in a lifestyle mag.

Our Fur Child just lounging. Living the life of the idle rich. 

 Our very first Christmas Tree.

 We got a piano. I love it. With all our goodies piled on top, 
It's my feel-good spot of the year.


 Wearing Thrifted vintage wool pleated skirt, thrifted silk blouse, heirloom diamond rings from nana, Forevs chain bracelet and Born lace up boots (that I will get cobbled over and over untill they crumble into a million pieces because when I wear them it feels like I'm wearing these):


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