Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shoot! I forgot my camera...get it?

I know it must be boring seeing pictures of me at my, after post, after post...if anyone even looks at all... This past month I've been pretty cooped up. I might actually be going a little stir crazy. I haven't been working much, have started a few books, learned Ice Dance from Edward Scissor Hands on the piano (jealous?), washed the sheets, made dents in piles of clothes on my floor where my closet vomited into my room, and hung art on my walls....Alright, now that I have successfully articulated my eventful holiday season, I can show you some more photos...of my place. ha!

My parents bought me some pretty sweet constant lights to shoot portraits with. Yay! I got one all set up and realized I left my camera at their place. Balls! So I messed around with my point and shoot. 
My 2 fave elements of this little ensemble are my napping leopard MiMi D neckalce, and my orange and navy printed scarf. 
I luv u. enjoi. (remember that skate brand?)

This is a picture of Del moving in front of the camera while I was trying to have a moment..Deeevuh! 
It reminds me of those creepy instants in deep sea thriller films where the sea monster nonchalantly swims by the window of the submarine as if to say "I know you're in there, and I'm gonna eat you" and everyone inside is all like, "what was that?!?.....Did you see that.??..." and then the power goes out...You know what I'm talking about, right?

Wearin' UO red tank, DKNY jeans, Thrifted belt, watches, MiMi D Leopard Necklace, and head scarf, Forev Cardigan, Diamond pinky ring from NaNa and Ebay found Birdbath ring. 

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  1. love your cardigan and that scarf!
    I'm throwing a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to participate dear :)


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