Monday, January 3, 2011

Some New Years

Our New Year's was pretty low-key.We happened upon one of our favorite local bands, Telegraph Canyon, playing across from our house at Sons of Hermann Hall. Really great show. Super intimate. We also stumbled upon some Swedish guys in a band called Case Conrad. They are fabulous, go to the link to listen. They had been staying with my friend, Danielle. She brought them out to Dallas, and we showed them a time. Providing them with books and music to take with them on the rest of their journey across the U.S.

Vintage sequin blouse, target tights and socks, UO lace up boots, forev21 skirt and giant bird ring, thrifted watches. 

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  1. Hey!I just came by your blog! It's awesome! I assume you have great taste in fashion!
    Love your sequin top!Your dog is so cute!I am following you for sure!Follow me back if you want! xxx


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