Monday, January 10, 2011

"Take a photo with Louie, he matches my outfit"

Went shopping with my mom holiday sales DAMN YOU!!! I got some MIA ankle boots for real cheap, and I found the shoes I'll be wearing at the rehearsal din din. The shell necklace featured in these photos is one of my new favorite things. It's rustic and asymmetrical and looks like something scooped out of the sand of a shipwreck. So maybe this outfit is a little folklore inspired? Cowboys and Shipwrecks...
 I insisted before we left on a photo opportunity with our family wire haired dachshund, Louie. We were tonal twins. What a stud. 

Note the Basset in the background of this photo...that's Bodie. He's the floppiest. Also please note the nylon folding chair randomly placed on our porch. Sheer class.

Thrifted scarf and pearl snap shirt, Banana Republic Blazer (actually found in some boxes someone had thrown out....don't judge) H&M cut offs, Old Navy aviators, Forev21 elephant ring, Vintage horse bag found at Dolly Python along with the seashell necklace, and vintage boots found at Ahab Bowen

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