Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feeling 20's

Ohhhhh lovely snow days in Texas. When there is less than one inch of the powdery substance on the earth, and the world stops. When you gaze out of your window in the morning, you get the overwhelming urge to yell, 

except your in your twenties, so instead you yell, 

Admit it, you just can't help feeling like a kid again. As far as me and J go, we're taking advantage of the day to catch up on our separate artistic endeavors. He paints. I edit photos. Most importantly, we listen to old time-y music. 
(also important: I eat soup and english muffins).

Do yourself a favor: Go to Pandora or Last.fm or whatever streaming radio you dig on, and type in Al Bowlly. You will wish soooo hard that your computer is a Victrola. 
You're welcome. 

Here's a number I threw together the other day to see The Kings Speech (yeah, it is really good). 

Wearing Vintage Shirt, Vintage pleated palazzo pants, Vintage Belt (found in old man's closet at estate sale this past weekend). Kenneth Cole Brogues. Jewellery: Thrift finds, and earrings, Simply* Vera, Vera Wang. 

 Note the wardrobe malfunction. That shirt is really old. The face I'm making in that photo is an exact face 5 year old Ashley used to make.
The sea creature charm bracelet is one of my favorite things.

 And now it's Del's turn to model. 

Sorry it's been a while
Happy snow day!  

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