Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good Vibrations

So everyone in North Texas is snowed in. (Note the TX definition of snowed in is it was sleeting last night for a hour, and the highways have ice patches on them). I decided to sift through some old photos of summer and spring and list allllll the things I miss about the warm weather.

1.) New York City in September and straw hats.

2.) Starbucks plug! Yummy ice coffee with EXTRA ice.

3.) Tuna Salad Sandwiches from the deli next to Buffalo Exchange on Greenville Ave. ...Also, my man in tanks. 

4.) High waisted vintage gym shorts and tube tops, and legs being brown enough to rock them HARD. What's up Farrah?

5.) My lady Chere dressing like this......
(note: I bought her those leggings at SXSW at the American Apparel Flea market...another thing I love about spring).

6.)Tank Tops with giant necklaces and pastel nail polish.

7.) Outdoor Flea Markets in Austin.

See ya later!

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