Sunday, February 13, 2011


Flu town and I'm the mayor. Sorry if this post is less than enthusiastic, I don't have it in me. Instead what I have in me in snot and phlegm and muscle ache (oh my). I have reached the point of feeling completely useless, because I have not even had the energy to do menial tasks. But look at me! Here I am! Blog posting!!! 

Alright. These are some snaps of my unintentional Lumberjack inspired outfit. Another example of not necessarily trying to dress up like some stereotype (i.e. pirate, stevie nicks, gypsy), but managing to do it 

I understand this pose is really awkward, and doesn't exactly "show off" the outfit, but hey atleast you get to see the bottom of my shoe! (sarcasm)

So here's something fun: The beauty wizards at Sally Hansen invented stick on nail polish. This is perfect for a girl like me, who cannot sit still /  has a bouncy pit bull / always has to pee right after she paints her nails!
You just stick them on, bend them to the contour of your nail and file off the rest. You can get them at any pharmacy or target or whatever tickles your fancy, and they last about a week. Did I mention they have fun prints like LEOPARD and LACE?!?

Here I gracefully model the Gold Glitter:

Wearing: Thrifted silk gingham shirt, DKNY jeans, Thrifted belt, MIA shoes, 
Old Navy thermal, Forev21 glasses and hat, Thrifted and Ebay jewelry except my nana's rings. 

xo, wieners. enjoy this beautiful weather while I'm stuck inside!

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