Sunday, May 15, 2011


Dear Readers, My profuse apologies for neglecting this blog for one hundred years. See, the thing is...I got MARRIED. I've been working my b-hang off for about 5 months preparing for the big day, and I gave myself a break from everything else in my life. (Except work, gotta make that monies). So I am back now, and I figured I 'd start from the beginning. Here are some pics of the preparations. 

We basically did everything ourselves. Starting with the save the dates. We ordered sand dollars, and stamped (letter by letter). Attached a string, and conveniently they were received right before X-mas. Ornaments, much? 

We had to make sure they wouldn't break, so we got the handy yellow envelopes that have bubble wrap inside. We then stamped every single one of those too. Flamingo stamp = rocking my face.

Tied them with twine (Cuh-las-sic) and sent them on their way.
(This picture is smaller, so you creeps can't see the addys)

Jonathan and I hand picked all of our invitations too. We found vintage postcards at a shell shack in St. Augustine (our wedding locale). Then, we hand wrote those suckers too. (Don't be mistaken, when I say "we" I mean "me and my mom" I think Jonathan was watching Top Chef).

*please note baby bottom!

The wording and selection of the paper was the hardest. We found a great starfish stamp and down loaded a type writer font, cut the paper and printed em.

 Decor: Here's a giant fabric garland/banner we made. This took 1 million hours. We picked 6 fabrics, tore them into strips and tied them on rope to line the 72 foot porch the reception was held on. (Danielle is tired....shout out to Kandi, she's a fabric tearing robot).

 Here's a little mock up of our vision. The copper corals were the find of the century. 
Each bottle and mismatched vintage plate was found at some thrift store around DFW. This also took FOREVER.

Then we met with our officiate:

View of Downtown St. Augustine. Right outside the Hotel we had our Rehearsal Dinner. 



These are only a few. There are a tons more to come. Honestly this was the most epic event in my life thus far. We nailed it. The guests were cherry picked to perfection, The best people in the world on the most beautiful for three days, and I've never felt so much happiness ever. More on this later. 
Love you.

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  1. I told you that hat made me look mousey...


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