Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crowd Pleaser

I wore this to work today...which was fabulous. You see, they are rearranging 
some things around the styling room, so there was really no place to work. 
There was just mess...everywhere.
Instead we got to go visual shopping. 
I love my job. 
So wandering around North Park, at least 9 people stopped me to 
tell me they loved this skirt and/or outfit. What's with it? I mean, I'd like to think 
I look pretty cute everyday, riiiiight?
Maybe it's because this outfit is so feminine and maybe disarming? ANYhoo,
they were all disappointed to find out the skirt is from Topshop, and we
don't have one in Dallas. (Just order online, people)!

It originally had silk lining underneath, but I cut that business off, 
and now it's all translucent and whimsical and a bit sexier. 
Simple DIY if you get bored with a skirt or dress.

One of my favorite shirts. I love the intricate detail around the collar and it's perfectly pink. 
I found it at a thrift store in which some old asian lady unloaded all her goods, cause it was 
surrounded by kimonos and other shirts of the same manor. 

 This is my favorite charm bracelet. I really have an affinity for 
charm bracelets. They have such a lady-like quality to them, but when you 
think about it.... little gold pigs and wishing wells and naked babies shooting arrows 
are hanging from your wrist. It's absurd! 

My earrings are pelicans. Win. 

My camera is not on a timer in the above photograph. 
(lie to match the quintessential "natural" not-a self-portrait-face in the above photograph).

I kinda half-tried on the shoes with this one. Gold flip-flops. Easy. 

I'm warning you about more wedding photos (because you care???). They are on their way, 
just thought an outfit post might be refreshing. 

Shirt: thrifted, skirt: topshop, belt: thrifted, slip: anthro, sandals: old navy
thrifted vintage coach crossbody bag.


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  1. We are getting a Top Shop in Chicago this fall... so excited!


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