Monday, May 23, 2011

More Sick Dudes

I'm pretty sure I'm going to make this a regular thing. At least once a month. 
I stumble upon too many incredible photos of reeeaal sick dudes not to share. 
In case you don't know what a "sick dude" is....
to put it simply, it's a guy who don't give no ef, and for the purposes of this blog,
 who has mad style.  It could be that random homeless man 
riding his bike wrapped in aluminum could even be your own dad. 
For examples, see below:

Multiple layers in the front.
Giant reflective sunglasses.
Their facial expressions in general.
The guy in the back has no front teeth. He's rockin it HARD. 

He's about to kick over that mic and Catch the moon with a one-handed catch. 
Also, his boots are super-fly. 
Please tell me you got that reference to West Side Story

Double Doubler. 
You wish you could find anything either of them are
 wearing on ebay for under $80.
Dennis Hopper could've been at his most ultimate sickest in Water World. 
Note: Eye Patch. 

No explanation here. 

Just because you have a neck tattoo, doesn't make you a sick dude
But if that neck tattoo is Abe Lincoln it does!
(A neck tattoo of Abe Simpson would also work). 

Any man who can sport a Captains Hat AND a Standard Poodle 
wins my heart forever.

Speaking of sick, J bought stripped harem pants from the ladies section 
at Buffalo Exchange today. He's so damn sexy. 

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