Monday, May 30, 2011

Too Hot for Politikin'

It's gettin' too hot for politikin' here in Texas. (I say in a rocking chair
as I fan my sweaty face with a straw hat). What I mean by that's 
too hot for layers. It's officially skirt/shorts/tank top/naked time here 
in the Lone Star State. I took these and promptly peeled all of it off 
and got myself poolside. (Happy Memorial Day BTW). 

I know I have dumb face/bitch face? in these photos, but sometimes it's hard to get 
enthusiastic when you're taking photos of yourself. 
Actually you feel pretty ridiculous. I'll start trying harder. Either that or cutting
out my face all together, for all of our sakes.

I LOVE the shape of these shoes. 

The piano is a nice prop for photos. I can successfully play Ice Dance
and I'm reeeal sorry cause my neighbors hear it twice a day. 
I'm working on other things too. I took lessons when I was 8, and it's all 
rattling around in the back of my brains somewheres. 

If you don't already know, I have a serious affinity for Grandpa watches.... 
any sort of time telling device actually.

Chere and I found an "Everything's a Dollar" Thrift Store yesterday. 
I love it when you stumble upon things like that. 

Lace Shirt: H&M, Ginghan Shirt: Target, Jeans: UO, Jewels: Thrifted, Grandma and Stolen :)
Shoes: Seychelles 

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