Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I'm a little off today. Thought I'd just do a quick post of some doggies I shot not too 
long ago. This was one of the most fun photo sessions I've ever done.
I was rolling around, running up and down and chasing these house beasts everywhere. 

It's funny. I know I'm pretty alright at a lot of stuff.... 
i.e. thrift shopping, writing, burping on command
but I feel like I'm actually really good at taking photographs of animals. 
I feel completely at peace when I do it too. 
And when I complete the animal photographs, 
I really don't tire of looking at them. 
It's good to find something that makes you happy. 

It's not a complete lack of ego, but a lack of ego affected by 
worldly things. 

Big Dog with a Big Stick. 

This last photo is my absolute favorite. The owner of the dogs wasn't a huge fan.
Yes, the dog looks completely ridiculous, but she's just being herself...jeez. 
It's looks like she's pleading for her life/doing the twist/trying to listen a little harder
like cartoon dogs do....sticking one ear up.

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