Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Opening Night

This past Saturday I was honored to attend Undermain Theater's opening
of The Shipment. It pretty much knocked my metallic Steve Madden sandals 
right off. Absolutely hysterical, thought provoking and at times bury your face in your hands
disgusting....pretty "provocative" (that's everyone's favorite word to describe naughty things)
I loved it. You MUST go see it now. Seriously buy the tickets now

Since my life partner is an actor, I get to attend quite a few opening nights 
at local theaters, and as far as outfitting one's self it's anything goes. 
You can dress up, down, wear a kimono...whatever. 
Gotta love those artistic crowds.

I went with a leopard theme as you can see. I really do stand by
the fact that no one woman can have enough leopard print in her life. 
I decided to really drive it home with my leopard-takin-a-nap neckwear. 

What do you get when you mix leopard and black lace?
Sex appeal... this stupid face.

Photos courtesy of this little vixen. We had a fabulous lady date
and sufficient pool time as you can see by our white girl barely there tans. 
Nice scarf, Haley!

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