Monday, June 13, 2011

Spare Parts

 This was the best weekend I've had this summer. This past week I had to make
 a pretty tough decision concerning finances/jobby-job thangs.
After seeking counsel from many wise ones I am blessed to  know,
I went with what was weighing on my heart to do....which was a bit scary. 
This entire weekend has been filled with affirmation from what
I choose to call God (you can call it what you want).
I asked for a sign and I got tons of them. It made me so immensely grateful. 
And now the trick is to not look back. 

Now! Onto something a bit more light hearted!
I got two free tickets to Spare Parts, a show in which Jonathan donated a piece.
It was at The Belmont, which is my favorite Dallas Boutique Hotel,
and was catered by smoke. Yummy BBQ. 

Shorts: Cut off thrifted pants, Bag: Dolly Python, Shoes: Steve Madden
Shirt: Chelsea and Violet, Glasses: F21,
 Jewelry: Too much to specify, I'm sure they were all gifts or thrifted or F21 or Penney's. 

Upon parking, Haley and I found some bikers, and solicited their photography skills 
so we could pose like jackasses. 

The whole idea was found objects or junk recreated into art thangs for our viewing pleasure!
This one is Jonathan's. 

The pieces surrounded the pool, and the lawn over looked the Dallas skyline. 
One of the best spots for an event in town.

Fish with a spatula tail!!! WUT?

Oh yeah, the Mavs are world champions. 


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