Thursday, June 23, 2011

Praying for a Patio

It is precicely this time of year and the amidst the evening that makes me miss my old patio.
I love being warm. I love the gusts of warm wind that've been stirring
up lately. I miss being able to step onto a little outdoor space.
 I find porches in the summer to be much like steamy showers.
 A place you pontificate and a place of peace. 
I only have these huge windows, and I feel like a jackass stretching my head more 
than a foot out of them just so I can feel a summer breeze! 
Plus, I feel like a total creep just sitting looking out of my open window. With a porch you can
just sit there and own that shit, but it's different with a window. 
So I find myself smoking copious amounts of cigarettes 
just so I can be all like, "Yeah, there's a reason I'm sitting at my window 
starring at the street...nonya' biness....I've got things to attend to by my window, can't you see?!"
With all these thunder storms I've been envious of everyone's facebook posts like this:
"Just sippin on the sizurp on my patio in the storm"

Anyhoo, in lieu of my non-existant outdoor escape, I'm posting these.

Sometimes, you don't even need a patio. Just two chairs, ya heard?

Happy weekending.

All photos: Desiretoinpire

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