Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sick Dudes

I've been browsing more men's style blogs lately. Dapperlou, thestyleblogger to name a few
and my respect for men who sport unique fashions is growing and growing.
I don't necessarily mean homies purchasing their entire wardrobe at 
Urban Outfitters and replicating a look or trend, 
but more of homies shopping at thriftstores, finding a jumpsuit or a floral scarf
and honestly asking themselves, "how can I make this work"? 

It takes time and practice to establish your own style, particularly if it's 
a bit eccentric (which is how I like it, personally), but the pay off is worth it....
cause one day you could be this guy:

Wow. I actually just now realized he's wearing 2 scarves. 
I really think lookin' like this dude should be up there as far
as ascetic goals go. Photo: TheSartorialist
(not just aviators.....BLUE aviators)

Plaids, stripes, tribal prints and Gold socks all in one lovely package. Also note the
proper way to rock man jewelry. photo: theurbangent

DJ Jazzy Jeff shows us how to wear pink and wear it like a man. 
This is only one of his many stylings. You remember, don't you?

Francis Bacon: This guy is twisted, passionate and judging by his
haunting paintings.....I would NOT want to peer into his mind. .
Also, I like his boots. 

 Basquiat and Keith Haring. 

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