Sunday, August 28, 2011


I've posted some about preparations for this...most important day of my life, but I don't think
I've posted the final product. So here it is. I'm not sure of any other way to do this than
to unload ALL of these on you, so prepare thine self. 

I'm so happy with how everything turned out. It took so much hard work, brainstorming, and
a lot of help from my friends and mother. Every detail was exactly how I dreamed it. I remember
the morning of my wedding day, looking at how everything came together, and I felt like
I was in a movie. I couldn't believe it...and we did it all ourselves. 
Not to mention I married my best friend in the universe. 

We premade everything in Texas, and either shipped it to the house we rented in St. Augustine
or packed it up in our cars and drove it there. Paper chains, Lanters, the Table Cloths we fringed
for hours, the fabric banners....all of it.

Dorothy Gautreaux did such an amazing job photographing it all. Being a photographer myself
choosing my photographer for my wedding was one of the hardest aspects. Sister has it goin on.  

We used fishnet to do collages of photographs of us. Weddings are vain, whatcanyado?
The flowers were done by Karen at 57 Treasury

Salt Water Cowboys catered. We decided to go with Southern Seafood. Cheese Grits, 
Stuffed Shrimp and Ribs, Potato Salad etc....we had to show our NY friends we can
do it right in the South. We served everything family style, so there were
no long buffet lines. The boys that served were reeeal happy when we gave them 
cases of extra beer. They earned it. 

Jonathan made our alter. He bought 3 pillars, distressed and stained them himself, 
then simply attached  the fabric banner we made. We plan on saving this banner 
and using it as a window treatment in a nursery, when ever that day comes. 

Each plate was hand picked at garage sales and thrift stores. And the shells were 
bought at shell shacks and taken from collections my family has gathered on 
our past trips to this very beach.

My wedding day meal = dayquil and grapes

Best of all: Jonathan wrote a song for me, and taught it to our friends. They surprised me with it
at the reception. There was ugly crying.

Jonathans Pants and Vest: J.Crew
Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes


  1. Your wedding is simply stunning! I think I am in love with your dress. Who is the designer?

  2. oh my god.


    oh my god.

    I am so glad that I"m sittin ghere in my office backstalking your blog and that I stumbled across this.

    this is my dream, and I cannot believe you made it a reality. Everything is perfect, you look so in love and happy and BEAUTIFUL. HOly cowazooka you look insane


    I want to keep talking b/c I'm so in awe of how obsessed I am.
    But I really should stop.

    In conclusion: You're Awesome.


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