Sunday, August 28, 2011

Drowning Beautiful

Not sure if you guys have stumbled upon Stumbleupon, but it's one of my favorite ways to surf 
the world wide webs. I promise you it is atleast 200 times more entertaining than 
facebook stalking. Every now and then it will lead me to an artist like this...and I am completely mystified. 
Breath taken away.
Jason de Caires Taylor sculpts life-size figures, and then submerges them in water, where
they are allowed to take on a life of their own, or rather become apart of the natural underwater
seascape. His works span from the waters of Mexico to Greece, and give the viewer a sense of 
simultaneously peering into the future and the past. 
I've always been fascinated with water and sea life (which is why we got married on the 
beach). Maybe it's because I find water to be so calming and at the same time
so totally untamed and powerful. Enough babbling. Get Lost:


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