Saturday, August 27, 2011

Say Hello to My Little Friends...

My hands were restless, the light was afternoonish, and I had the urge to showcase 
my little friends. I look at them every day when I'm accessorizing my limbs and whatnot. 
I say they're my little friends, and I kinda mean it. I have a special affinity for animal
jewelry. Finding special pieces like these makes me feel a little bit like a kid again.
What I mean is....
I find myself giving them personalities, or thinking maybe one gets envious 
if I wear another too much. When I'm sporting them, it's like I have a pal along for the ride. 

Sometimes I do get slightly sickened, however, when I see really kitschy, over-produced animal jewelry. 
(Owls for example....what a pity).

The Elephant Broach has his own special place in my jewelry box. He's no nonsense. 
The Leopard is just nappin'... mad chillin' and what have you.
The Pelican earrings were found at a shell shack in St. Augustine, and are very special to me even though they were only $2...Actually, especially cause they were $2.
The Seahorse and the Fishy were both gifts from my husband. I relate to these two, because they are long and lean and have goofy faces....remind you of anyone? yeahme.
The birdbath ring I found on ebay so it lacks any sentimental value...except I wear it everyday. Also, I feel safer when walking in parking garages with it on. It could really tear a hole in somebody's face. 

Now for a night of tombstone pizza (ooohhhh the shame), and cuddling with fur child and husband. 

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