Saturday, August 27, 2011

Buzy Makin' Buzkits

I've been craving some craft time like a mutha.
My DIY life = having piles and piles of fabric, glue, bright colored ink thangs, sewing machine etc
 and never doing what I plan on. I'll give myself credit for shredding shirts,
and recovering the occasional ottoman, but I really need to get cracking on this shiz. 

I've stumbled upon this blog that has THE BOMB-EST (?) DIY projects.
My personal favorite is the spike head band. Gad! Who doesn't want to look like a stegosaurus?
 Visit their blog and click on DIY to get the full how-to. They've got great photos too.  
Maybe if I make a promise to myself in blog-life.... I'll follow through. 
I'm gunna make that thing. 

In further news, my friend Kendall has moved to the country and started a blog!
  Clicky to looky!! She's neato, and so is her husband.
Plus she's starting an online vintage store, Yeah Vintage, so keep your eyeballz peeled. 

Pool time commencing. 

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