Saturday, October 15, 2011

Laced with Romance...

YO! We took a trip to the Texas Theatre to celebrate a buddy's birthday. This is the outfit. 
I must admit, this bustier is pretty racy for me. Typically I'm  not a cleavage girl, but
when I found this piece at Laced with Romance in Austin I was drawn to it immediately.
Laced with Romance does a lot of hand dying, so you find pieces there that are of
a certain vintage, but in colors that weren't necessarily prominent in the time
period the pieces are from. It doesn't sound like it would make so
much of a difference, but when you're looking a vintage prairie dress that has been 
dyed bright crimson red, it takes you a second to figure out why the piece is so
striking. So, I'm rockin' the bustier, but not without a slightly androgynous jacket to boy it up.

Coach is doing a new campaign featuring a limited edition reissue
of their "classic" Coach styles. The bag I'm strappin' is the "Legacy" bag.....
except it's an original...and I found it at a thrift store....for $4.95.

Jeans: DKNY, Shoes: Steve Madden, Jacket: Vintage, Bustier: Laced With Romance 
Ring: Vintage, Bag and Belt: Vintage Coach, Earrings: Vera Wang for Kohls

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